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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 18:47:20 EDT

From: Litgo

Subject: w/who/goin_mobile.crd


Goin' Mobile

by the Who

>From Who's Next, 1971

Written by Pete Townshend



transcribed by



Capo on 7


E x 7 9 9 9 x and (E5) x 7 9 9 12 12

G x 10 9 7 8 10

D/F# x 9 7 7 10 10

Em x 7 9 9 8 7

Em7/D 10 x 9 7 8 7

C 8T 10 10 9 8 8

Cmaj7 8T 10 10 9 8 7

D 10Tx 7 7 10 10 and 10 x 7 7 7 10 (bridge)

G/D 10 x 9 7 8 10

A x x 7 9 10 9

F#m x x 11 11 10* 7 (descend 10,9,7)

Bm7#9 7 9 7 7 10* 10 (descend 10,9,7)



E x2 F#m








[intro continued; verse pattern]

E x2 F#m D








E F#m D

I'm going home, and when I wanna go home, I'm goin' moblie

E F#m D

Well, I'm gonna find a home on wheels, see how it feels, goin' mobile


Keep me movin'


I can pull up by the curb, I can make it on the road, goin' mobile

I can stop in any street invitin' people that we meet, goin' mobile

Keep me movin' hmm...




G D/F# Em Em7/D

Out in the woods or in the city

C Cmaj7 D

It's all the same to me, when I'm drivin' free

G/D D E...

The world's my home, when I'm mobile


Wee whoo, beep beep


Play the tape machine, make the toast and tea when I'm mobile

Well, I can lay in bed with only highway ahead when I'm mobile

Keep me movin'



Keep me movin'

Over fifty

Keep me movin'

Just a hippie gypsy

D A E5 D A E5....

C'mon move now movin'....


||: D A A | D A A :|| E5...



Keep me movin' movin' movin' yeah...

Mobile, mobile....



G D/F# Em

I don't care about pollution

Em7/D C

I'm an air-conditioned gypsy

Cmaj7 D

That's my solution


Watch the police and the taxman miss me

E E5....

I'm mobile!


[outro] * * *

| E5 | D A | F#m | D | Bm7 | E5 |E

[*w/descending b-string pattern]




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