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Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability

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Upon visiting my site, you hereby agree that I am not responsible for any material, opinions, or anything else on, or associated with my web site that may be offensive to you. If you don't like something here, then don't be here, or Contact Me and tell me how you feel. Most content on my site is unofficial in nature.

"Matt's Facts" are not guaranteed to be factual in nature. Although I believe they are facts, they are merely for entertainment are may not be 100% factual.

My page is in no way affiliated with any of the companies, organizations, or groups found on my site. The webmaster of this site reserves the right to edit, delete, or deny any links found on any of my site's pages. I am also not responsible or associated with any links that leave my site. I cannot possibly, nor am i expected to, control other peoples' sites I've linked to. I am not responsible for any content on anyone's site that I link to or that links to me. Portions of my site do not represent my opinions and/or actions.

  • My newsletter frequently uses information from CDNOW's Allstar daily news.
  • Certain music is copyrighted and used with permission via BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated).
  • Certain music is copyrighted and used with permission via ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).

I do not and cannot guarantee that lyrics, tablature, or any other information on my site are accurate. I try to keep my site as accurate as possible, but it is extremely difficult to have 100% accuracy. If you see any inaccuracies/descrepancies Contact Me so i can fix it/them.

All lyrics, tabs, etc. are for educational, private study, scholarship, or research purposes only. They are copyright their respective owners.

If you use any of my materials found on my site, I am not responsible in any way, shape, or form for them or the problems you may have by using them. Some material is copyrighted material and is only for use only on this website. Anything you download from my site you do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any problems that may result by doing so. I try to keep all files virus free however hackers these days are pretty good. Please obtain my permission via Contacting Me before using anything on my site.

The design of my website and certain pictures marked are copyrighted by My copyrighted pictures are to be used for viewing purposes only. They are copyrighted by me and are not intended to be used for anything anywhere outside of my site,, without my expressed written permission. All of the images found on my vacation homepage are not to be altered, reproduced, or posted in anyway anywhere but on my website. This goes for the same with my personally taken WWF pics. Therefore, you cannot distribute them or put them on your site. They are intended for viewing purposes only, so please keep it that way. If you really want to use any of my copyrighted pictures you MUST obtain permission FIRST by contacting me.

As far as I know, everything found on my site is legal and is not infringing any copyright or any other violation. If you find something that belongs to you, your site, etc. and/or is copyrighted, please Contact Me and it will be removed immediately. Just be ready to have legal proof of the copyright/ownership.

If you email me, you are hereby giving me, the webmaster of this site, permission to use your email address to send you emails in the future. This also means that if you use any of my email forms or sign-up for my newsletter, you give me, the webmaster, permission to email you whenever I deem necessary. This goes the same for using my links submission form, contest entries, etc. You may cancel your "subscription" to my free newsletter/updates service at any time by simply contacting me and telling me so.

Just remember that all copyrighted material is illegal to reproduce for use other than its original intention. You must remember that materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. If anyone has any problems, questions, or comments, feel free to Contact Me. Thank you for your time.

I maintain the right to revise anything found on this disclaimer at any time without prior notice. I also reserve the right to revise, remove, or add anything on any part of my site at any time without notice. Be sure to view my Privacy Policy.


Disclaimer last updated July 8, 2003


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