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I took a slow drag off my smoke

I leaned back and I drink my coke

I got approached by a shady bloke

He talked bad but uh, he was broke

I was born in a shadowy world

Wasteland, mean and hard boiled

With Tragedies and Turmoil

Disenfranchised and disembroiled

Lost files and small filed places

I don't care what color your face is

One day you're gonna lose all traces

And war shit on all men and races

In the city of down and out

Money's always gonna equal clout

So all along you have to scream and shout

In the city of down and out



Preacher wants a judgement day

Junkie keeps the world at bay

Policeman wants us obey

Doomsday doomsday

Doomsday doomsday

Preacher wants a judgement day

Junkie keeps the world at bay

Policeman wants us obey

Doomsday doomsday

Doomsday doomsday



Give me mine give me all that you've got

Take off your shoes and fork over the pot

I like your chain and I'm needin' the watch

And your girl looks good, she could travel the block

It's all here if you're looking to score

I'm downtown San Pedro at fourth

Everything from the stem to the torch

Then we hang 'em all high for a few dollars more

I said I won't but I bet that I will

So fun your clothes, I suggest that you chill

They all talk about keeping it real

But the second that it pop up let your homeboy squeel

Let it go you ain't ready for drama

Get you sore for trying to wreck my new karma

Ain't cause I want to, it's just that I've gotta'

You know conscience is a motherfucker lock on your daughter





And the television's spewing hate

Talking bout the rise of crime ratings

Heard the broke state gonna say it

It's all sinking now and we're way too late

You let this wash it clean

In the heart of Washington

And if he's looking in

What's he gonna do about our machine





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