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Story of the Year-And the Hero Will Drown


intro (Guitar 1) distortion



b|-5-7-8-7-12-15-17-19---------------------------| didnt put how many

g|-----------------------------------------------| how many times you strum

d|-----------------------------------------------| so you figure it out.

a|-----------------------------------------------| they may have some wah in

E|-----------------------------------------------| the beginning.


verse (Guitar 2) distortion





d|-2-0----2p0-0-2----2p0-0-2-22-33-33------------| x2




verse (guitar 1) clean


e|-----------------------------------------------| he comes in later on and

b|-----------------------------------------------| does this but you can

g|----7-7-7----9-9-9--11-11-11-------------------| barely here it.






chorus (guitar 1) distortion



b|-----------------------------------------------| figure out the strumming

g|-9------4--------------------------------------| yourself

d|-9--9---4--4-----------------------------------| x2




verse again then the prechorus, you just mute the top two strings and strum them.


then play chorus twice and strum the last chord more times than normal.


thing after chrous (guitar 1)



b|-----------------------------------------------| do it how ever many times

g|-----------------------------------------------| you need to.

d|-2-22-444-2-22-444-2-22-444--------------------| you would slowly push

a|-----------------------------------------------| down a pedal here.



thing after chorus (guitar 2)



b|-----------------------------------------------| he does this while guitar

g|-----------------------------------------------| 1 is doing the thing on

d|--2-22-----------------------------------------| the seconf fret.




(guitar 2)



b|-----------------------------------------------| do it however many times

g|-----------------------------------------------| you need to.





then go into the chorus but its clean and then it changes into distortion.


then go back to the thing above that guitar 2 does.


And thats pretty much it. got any changes or whatever email me.


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