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Life imitates the game of chess You can be the rook or the pawn

But if you have the strategy that's best You can be the King or in

this case the Don It's easy to get knocked out of the game Depending

on which way you want to play You've got to have eyes on the back of

your head Now that we have that out of the way CHORUS: Rev up the

Lincoln And let's get to drinking some caffeino Let's go to

Nicolletis Cause he makes a mean spaghetti sauce I'm a connoisseur of

the finer things in life I'll take any flick with Al Pacino I'm a man

of respect and I prefer to be addressed as Padrino If you're the type

that likes to spill the beans You could be a stone in someone's shoe

You'll receive a kiss on each cheek And then you'll know that pretty

soon the stone will be removed Everyone knows that crime doesn't pay

It doesn't pay the taxes away You've got to be slick if you don't

want it to stick Now that we have that out of the way I know it's not

a wise thing to do Writing funny songs about the mob But if it's all

the same to you I don't see it as a gang but a club Where men sit

like gentlemen Plotting their events about Things I shouldn't

understand, comprehend or care Like...oh, I don't know maybe I

shouldn't go there After all it is a family affair Stay out of the

papers Don't get caught Leave the singing to Sinatra and always keep

your big trap shut Capice? The underworld is like an undertow - If

you don't respect it It will surely bring you down - When you least

expect it - Hey expect it from all sides Once you're in it it's for

life Don't be famous be infamous and you will live to see another day

Be wise about with whom you discuss Now that we have that out of the



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