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Jimmy's Lover Bio

Jimmy's Lover is music so good even grandma will care. We can't really put our music into a certain style name. Only explained as "dork rock" We have emo type songs, punk pop type songs, and just some catchy sounding stuff. We started in Eugene, Oregon on a fall afternoon. It happened at October Fest when Shelly, Nicole, and Jenelle talked about how cool it would be to start a band. Tecie was in a band preforming there and we got "inspired" or some crap. After we came up with the name "Jimmy's Lover" (where this name came from is a top government secret) We realized we had a singer(Shelly) two guitar players (Jenelle and Nicole) and a drummer (Tecie) but no bass player. We found our friend Clarissa to play bass and Sam to, who just kind of blew us away with her voice so we had to add her. Thats pretty much how Jimmy's Lover happened. Were working the CD "Burnt Toast and Quackers" while balancing the rest of our lives. Please feel free to contact us for info you might want.



Name: Tecie

Nick name: "Zmullet"

Role in band: Drummer

Birthday: May 27, 1986

Born in: Mount Angel, Oregon

Height: 5'9

Eye color: Chocolate brown

Hair color: brown with blonde ends

Status: single going on heartbreaker

Fav food: blue cotton candy

Fav band: Dave Matthews Band

Fav movie: 'Dumb and Dumber'

Fav song: 'I'm real' (remix) by J Lo and Ja Rule

person she would love to meet: Oprah

weird fact: she has never read a whole book



Name: Shelly

Nick name: "Floppy"

Role in band: lead singer

Birthday: June 1, 1986

Born in: Plymoth, North Carloina

Height: 5'8

Eye color: Gray-blue

Hair color: light brown

Status: A-N-D-Y!!!!

Fav food: appels, pears, peppers

Fav band: Lauren Hill

Fav movie: 'Shrek'

Fav song: 'Exfactor' by Lauren Hill

Person she would want to meet: Curt Coban

weird fact: She likes fire extingushers



Name: Sam

Nick name: "Steenkie"

Role in band: tamborine and lead singer

Birthday: November 2, 1985

Born in: Eugene, Oregon

Height: 5'10

Eye color: Green/hazel

Hair color: red/brown

Status: "so single it hurts"- Sam

Fav food: mac and cheese

Fav band: Dido and Weezer

Fav movie: 'Emperors new Groove'

Fav song: anything by Dido

Person she would love to meet: Frankinstein

weird fact: she can't wear mascara cause her eyes will close shut


Name: Nicole

Nick name: "Emi"

Role in band: guitar and vocals

Birthday: August 11

Height: 5'6 i suppose

Eye color: Brownie

Hair color: brown with bright red highlites

Fav food: Sushi,ice cream, and fruit

Fav band: Weezer

Fav color: vermillion

fav movie: 'Best in Show'

fav song: 'Only in Dreams' by Weezer

person she would love to meet: Rivers Cuomo

weird fact: she use to have long fingernails and when she picked up guitar she cut them and keeps the clippings in a box (eewwww)




Name: Jenelle

Nick name: "Awter"

Role in band: Acoustic Guitarist

Birthday: January 24th, 1986

born in: a bathtub (water baby) in Yorba Linda, CA

Height: 5'7 1/2 (don't forget that half)

eye color: robin egg blue & green on Mondays & Thursdays

hair color:blonde/ strawberry blond/brown (no clue)

status: Employed

fav food: cottage cheese, & pickled ocra

Fav band: weezer, violent femmes, hooverphonic,Garbage, etc.

Fva movie: The City of lost Children

Fav song: having a hard time choosing

person she would love to meet: John Lennon or Adolph Hitler

weird fact: she's never had a cavity




Name: Clarissa

nick name: "Corndog"

Role in band: bass guitar

Birthday: July,10 1986

born in: Oregon

height: 5'6 or so

eye color: blku!

hair color: its short and different brown colors

status: taken

fav food: sushi

fav band: Jimmy's Lover (duh!)

fav movie: old ones (oldies, but goodies!)

fav song: that one song...ya

person she would love to meet: Jimmy

weird fact: she once had long blonde hair


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