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Dumfinger Bio

Formed in 1997 Under the Name Loomis. They played out all over the greater Cleveland/Akron Area attracting fans from all over. G Dogg and Scratch decided to make a change and headed to L.A. Leaving the other members of loomis in the frigid weather of northeast ohio. Starting over in Los Angeles has been difficult, finding a drummer has been a real challenge, so if you play drums , email 'em


Though forming "officially" in '97 Scratch & G Dogg have been playing together since 1989 and have written dozens of tunes together and still enjoy writing as a team.


Where's the name come from?

The name comes from a cold December morning in 1998, when dan cut his fingers off on his left hand. The doctors put them back on, but they have no feeling & don't work all the time. He's been known to yell at his fingers when they don't work, "stupid, dumb finger" and it kind of stuck.

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