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Incubus tabs @ 911Tabs

Song: Circles

Artist: Incubus

Album: Morning View

Tabbed by: Scott Crist bassist for The Conversion of Tucker



Thanks to everyone who requested this song..It's nice to know that your work

goes appreciated.


So here it is, Circles.


b.t.w. The main reason I tabbed most of this song on the B and E string

is because I saw them live and Dirk usually stuck around on the B and E string

register, so you get a warmer, fatter sound with the higher frets.


Intro/ Verse


like i've said before, this is just the notes, i'm not trying to represent any rythm.

just listen to the song for that...


do this version of the riff 3 times








and then do this one on the fourth time





E-----6---------3-3-3-3------- i'm pretty sure about that G, but you can just use

B-3-6---3-6-3-6--------------- whatever note is comfortable with your ear.



Odd Riff


Ok so this riff threw me off for a little bit, but it's best if you think

of it like this..


just count the number of beats.


1 2 3 1 2 3 4 kind of like 7/4, but it's like just weird feel,

G-----5-------5- but this method seemed to work for me. And be sure to

D-----5-------5- slap and pop this portion of the song, just slap the D

A--------------- and pop the G and C chord.






Make sure you're insync with the bass drum on this one.


G----------------------------------------- the hammer on has to be like

D----------------------------------------- super fast because it's almost like

A----------------------------------------- a dead note but it's actually the open B.

E-----------------------13-13-8-8--------- you could probably just get away with using a dead

B-3-3-0h3\15-3-3-0h3\15-----------9-9-6-6- note if you wanted to.


Pre Chorus Riff


what i like to do is make that C kind of like a power chord and use my

15th fret G and C, and make a cool little sound. I don't think Dirk does

this but the guitar kind of covers it, so do what you want.










G--------------------------------------------------------------- this is a pretty cool part but

D--------------------------------------------------------------- i'm not really sure on the hammer on

A--------------------------------------------------------------- but that's the only thing that i could

E-9h10-9h10-9h10-9-9h10-9h10-9h10-9-9h10-9h10-9h10-9------------ of that he would be doing to get that sound.











Well I hope you enjoy this song, because it's just plain bad ass..

Once again i'm thinking of putting up Warning, because I love that song. So if you like my past

works, e-mail and i'll do it..



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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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