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Billy Idol

Mony Mony


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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:50:30 +1100

From: Russell & Charlie

Subject: PRO: i/billy_idol/mony_mony


Song: Mony Mony (Live)

By: Billy Idol

Album: Idol Songs. 11 of the best.

Transcribed by: Russell Edwards


Comment: This is a live version. The lyrics are different to the studio



[F]Here she come now, say my Mony Mony [F] [Bb] [F]

Shoot 'em up come on, a Mony Mony [F] [Bb] [F]

Hey, she look good, now I feel alright, now [F] [Bb] [F]

I said a [F]don't stop now

A come on Mony

[Bb]Come on yeah


I say



[C]Yeah x 7

'Cause you make me [F]feel (Mony Mony)

So good x 2 (Mony Mony)

Yes I feel alright (Mony Mony)

So [Bb]fine (Mony Mony)

So fine (Mony Mony)

It's so fine (Mony Mony)

Yes, I feel alright

I say

[C]Yeah x 8



Wake it, shake it, Mony Mony [F] [Bb] [F]

I said a shotgun dead, and a come on, Mony [F] [Bb] [F]

Don't stop cookin', 'cause I feel too good yeah [F] [Bb] [F]

Well don't stop now, a come on, Mony

[Bb]Come on yeah

I said



[C]Yeah x 7

'Cause you make me [F]feel (Mony Mony)

So fine x 2 (Mony Mony)

It's so fine (Mony Mony)

Make me feel [Bb]alright (Mony Mony)

Alright x 2 (Mony Mony)

Do ya feel alright

I say

[C]Yeah x 8





D ---3-1--------3-1-----

A -------3-1--------1-3-

E -1----------1---------


(Mony. Mon, Mon, Mon, Mon) Say I do x 3


I said Mony


Mony, etc


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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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