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Ben Folds Five




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Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:48:26 -0500 (CDT)

From: Skip Allums


Subject: CRDS: Evaporated by Ben Folds Five


Evaporated Ben Folds Five

as translated by skip allums, 1997.


F Am Bb C

F Am Bb C


F Am Bb C

what i've kept with me and what i've thrown away

F Am Bb C

now where the hell i've ended up on this glary random day

Dm C Bb Am

where the things i really cared about just left along the way


from being to pent up and proud



woke up way to late feelin hungover and old

and the sun was shining bright as i walked barefoot down the road

started thinkin bout my old man it seeems that all men

wanna get into their car and go


Am Bb

any- where


Bb C Dm Am

here i stand sad and free

Bb C Dm Am

i can't cry i can't see

Bb C

what i've done

Dm Am Bb

oh god what have i done?



F Am Bb C

F Am Bb C


2nd verse







F Am Bb

....and evaporated see?


3rd verse (quiet)


blind man on a canyon's edge of a panoramic scene

or maybe i'm a kite just flyin high in random dangling a string

or slumped over in a vacant room, head on stranger's knee

i'm sure back home they think i've lost my mind





i didn't put the chords to the bridge-thingy cuz i'm not sure what they

are. i always just play the verse chords, but thats not really right. get

back to me if you figger them out.







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