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Anna Nalick Interview

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Who were your musical influences? - Click for sound clip

Well to begin with, I listen to a lot of Gershwin tunes and Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald. I grew up listening to Green Day, Blind Melon, and Nirvana as I was a little older.

What's CD's do you usually listen to? - Click for sound clip

Right now I'm listening to Five For Fighting, Switchfoot and Patti Casey.

If you had to pick one band of all time, who is your favorite? - Click for sound clip

U2. I like the writing and how they have they are able to keep up with the times. You can tell by listening to each album what was going on with music at the time because they kept through to their style. They admit to influences of current trends.

Your new album coming out "Wreck of the Day", is there any meaning behind the name of that? - Click for sound clip

I named it that after a song on the album, but as a whole I found that there is a common theme in my songs of struggling through whatever may be the problem and then finding a healthy way out, or finding the silver lining so to speak. I believe that every day there's something that'll make me that much smarter and stronger for whatever tomorrow's wreck may be.

What got you into the music industry? - Click for sound clip

I wanted to be an entertainer because of the influence of my grandparents, but I actually had a demo that I got out to a management company and my manager manages producers and she took me on as her singer/songwriter client. She introduced me to three of her producers, we made a demo and sent it to record companies and within a few weeks I had label interest. So that's how that started. But I wrote all the music before I made the record and before I met with companies. I kind of just wrote for my own well being and then I don't know, I just consider myself really lucky that anyone is willing to listen to it now.

Any special moment/story behind when you found out that you got signed?" - Click for sound clip

I remember that it was October 10th and I was failing my classes because I had missed so much school flying back and forth to New York to meet with record labels. If I missed school one more time I was going to be dropped from a lot of my classes and I spent so much time away from my family that we went ahead and planned a weekend for me to spend time with my mom, my aunt, and my cousins. I knew that when I missed school that day I was most likely going to be dropped from my classes and luckily I signed a record contract, went into school and gave letters to all my teachers and took off for the weekend. That was my last day of school.

Do you have any nicknames? - Click for sound clip

Hmm, do I have any nicknames? You know what's funny, because my name is Anna I've been Anna Banana my whole life. Now traveling through the south and through some areas people call me Banana Foster. I guess it's some kind of dessert, I've never tasted it.

If you could pick any one band/singer to tour with (dead or alive) who would it be?" - Click for sound clip

Jeff Buckley. I really think he has an amazing voice and I love the songs that he wrote. And actually my favorite song of all time is Hallelujah and his version in particular. Of a live artist my ideal tour would be opening for Five For Fighting and U2. If you can get the three of us together, I think that would definitely be awesome.

Do you have a personal favorite of your own songs? - Click for sound clip

My favorites kind of change on a regular basis and it depends what mood I'm in and as I look past a few years ago they've taken on new meaning. All the time they take on new meaning so I don't have a favorite, they're all my proud little baby.


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