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Caddyshack Sounds

Click on any of the following sounds to download it. If you get any errors, simply click the reload or refresh button. If you have any problems Contact Me.

100bucks.htm- I'll bet you he'll slice it into the woods, a hundred bucks.

14d.htm- Hey, do ya wanna make $14 the hard way.

15kgal.htm-i guess it's just a matter of pumping 15,000 gallons of water down there (dolphin sounds in the background)

1kbucks.htm-Hey smells. A thousand bucks you miss that putt.

2turds.htm- Double turds. spowly!

ahhohho.htm-(self explanatory)

alfart.htm-(farting) ohh. did somebody step on a duck.

allindeed.htm- That's all I need.

allthat.htm-Oh. he got all of that one.

anchor.htm-Hey you scratched my anchor.

asfarasy.htm- you could open a courtin up out there, i could get through...

awful.htm- Is this your place? Yeah what do you think? it's really really awful.

b4elec.htm-you must have been somethin before electricity huh?

barkdog.htm- Come one, bark like a dog for me.

beach.htm-no no, nice shot, right on the beach.

beatself.htm-Just going to have to keep beating yourself.

bigeye.htm-Hands up buster, i think someone's givin you the big eye.

billyb.htm-billy billy billy billy billy, oh billy billy billy.

broken.htm-oh my arm, it's broken.

brwnose.htm-brown nose, brown nose.

bullshot.htm-can you make a bullshot? can you make a shoe smell?

candy.htm-what's a candy wrapper doing there?

canonbal.htm-cannon ball comin. cannon ball comin.

cinderel.htm- He's a cinderella boy. tears in his eyes i guess, he's got...

count.htm-don't count that (sh*t sound in background) i was interfered with.

cscheck.htm- the judge find his checkbook.

csucks.htm-sasasasasasa. that's right, it sucks.

cyhook.htm-Look at that...

danish.htm-a donut with no hole is a danish.

didntdo.htm-i didn't do that.

ditchdig.htm-well, the world needs ditch diggers too.

drugs.htm-do you take drugs danny? everyday, good.

eatfat.htm-are you goin to eat your fat?

flywasp.htm-i christen thee, the flying wasp.

freezego.htm-freeze gofer(rifle firing)

freska.htm-how bout freska? huh?

fuzzy.htm-smack you up you fuzzy little foreigner.

gambling.htm-gambling is illegal at bushwood sir and i never slice.

getlaid.htm-hay everybody, we're all gonna get laid.

getzip.htm-want a hamburger. no cheese. I want a hotdog, i want a milkshake. i want potato chips. you'll get nothing and like it.

giveasma.htm-What about my asthma? i'll give you asthma.

goboguts.htm-sweet great...gofer guts.

goin4me.htm-so i've got that goin for me (slapping face sound)

golfclub.htm-ya know i've often thought of becoming a golf club.

gollyhot.htm-oh golly i'm hot today

goodegg.htm-you're a good egg nog

goodone.htm-ohh, that was a good one.

goodonu.htm-oh, it looks good on you though.

haf2laf.htm-I have to laugh.

harsh.htm-that's a little harsh.

heavstuf.htm-i don't think the heavy stuff's goin to come down for quite a while.

homes.htm-don't you have homes?

inhole.htm-it's in the hole.

ithinkis.htm-i think it is.

kidding.htm-i guess the kidding you're a hunt is pretty much over, huh?

killgoph.htm-i want you to kill every gofer on the course. correct me if i'm wong sandy but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key...

kissass.htm-kiss his ass. now we're help.

ladytees.htm-if we all could have a box of those. give me a box of those naked lady tees, and give me two of those, and give me six of those.

lookatu.htm-i'm looking at you.

lumber1.htm-what's wrong with lumber, i own 2 lumber yards. i notice you don't spend too much time there. i'm not sure of where they are.

lumber2.htm-break up. right in the lumber yard.

manboat.htm-a man in the boat overboard

measure.htm-how do you measure youself with other golfers? my height.

menace.htm-menace to the golfing industry.

mmmmm.htm-(self explanatory)

monkey.htm-oh mrs. crane, you're a little monkey, you know that?

myfault.htm-it's not my fault no one can understand what i'm saying.

nanana1.htm-(self explanatory)

notalk.htm-not talking now.

nothing.htm-I owe you nothing.

noyadont.htm-no ya don't.

onorder.htm-i have a lot of things that are on order, ya know, credit trouble.

oweme.htm-ok, you can owe me.

pay4lnch.htm-i'm terribly sorry this happened, i'll a, pay for your lunch.

peach.htm-weee. that's a peach hun.

pinkblod.htm-pick up that blood.

picknose.htm-50 bucks the (someone) picks his nose.

plastic.htm-hay, it's just a harmless (something) not a plastic explosive or anything.

playgolf.htm-you're playing golf and you're going to like it.

pookie.htm-ok pookie.

rumypal.htm-are you my pal?

salami.htm-wait up girls, i've got a salami i've gotta hide still.

sartre.htm-(saying something with background music)

saythat.htm-awe. people don't say that about you as far as you know.

shaha.htm-(self explanatory)

shave.htm-go shave your (something)

shewrote.htm-and that's all she wrote.

signsay.htm-what's that sign say. no bad feet. what's that sign say. no fighting.

sitdown.htm-Well sit down, come on man. no no no, i don't want to stick anything in here.

slipped.htm-it slipped!

slouch.htm-don't sell yourself short judge, you're a tremedous slouch.

stoned.htm-the amazing thing about this is that you can play 36 holes on it in the after noon, take it home and just get stoned to the bajesus.

theball.htm-be the ball.

thklitle.htm-thank you very little.

tigereat.htm-now i know why tigers eat their young.

titelist.htm-it's a titlest.

tks4nut.htm-well thanks for nothing.

toast.htm-it's easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat. and the man worthwhile is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the sea.

tramp.htm-you're a tramp.

vardrink.htm-how about a nice cool drink, varmints.

waiting.htm-well, we're waiting.

wecando.htm-we can do that, we don't even have to have a reason.

whitehat.htm-hey whitey, where's your hat?

winner.htm-are you my pal, mr. scholarship winner.

woregrn.htm-you wore green so that you could hide.

young.htm-let's go, while we're young.

yourhonr.htm-your honor, your honor.

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