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Harmony Kingdom \"Braganza\" Cat in a Teapot Figurine Box:

This is the Harmony Kingdom \"Braganza\" Cat in a Teapot Figurine Box. It was carved in England by master carver David Lawrence in 2002, it was released May 5, 2002 and was retired March 2, 2008. It was part of the Treasure Jests Series. I believe it was a Limited Edition of 3600, although I am not certain because it does not have an edition number. It measures 3 x 1.8 x 2.8 inches. It comes with the story card, which is quite interesting.
\"David Lawrence tells a story about his grandmother, born in an age very different from our own. Neighbors looked out for each other and there was no need to lock the doors. The one time her faith in human nature was shaken was the afternoon she brought a friend over for tea. As she entered the kitchen she heard a rustling in the cupboard containing the teapot in which she kept her \'housekeeping\' money. Fearing felony, she armed herself with a rolling pin. The rustling was caused by no more than the family cat chasing a mouse. The teapot fell earthward and shattered, the mouse went free, the cat was disgruntled and the ladies had tea from a teabag. The pattern on the sides of the teapot reveals the artist\'s trademark acorn. The teapot contains two heart-shaped teabags, a modern invention abhorred by loose leaf aficionados, including David\'s grandmother.\"
This piece of HK art was purchased by my wife, an avid HK collector and a cat lover, in the early 2000\'s, but it was never displayed and has been in storage for years. Thus it is in excellent condition. I am pleased to offer it to you, and I will also offer you this: Free Shipping, USPS First Class, and a rock solid, no questions asked, postage refunded and money back guaranteed return policy. Thanks very much for looking, and please let me wish you many, many hours of Happy Collecting!

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