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Did You Steal My Money?

By The Who

>From Face Dances, 1981

Written by Pete Townshend ©1981 Eel Pie Publishing/Towser Tunes Inc.



transcribed by 06-04-1999



Capo on 5


D5 x577 10 10

D/C (8)577 10 10 (C implied by bass)

(A) (5)577 10 10 (A implied by bass)

D x(5)7775

D/C (8)x7775

Cadd9 8x578x

G6/B 7x5785

Bbmaj7 6x8765

Am7 575585

Em7 x79787 and xxx16 15 15

G xx5787

D/G xx5775

Em/G xx5987

A7sus4 575785

A7 575655



||:D5 D5/C (A) :||8

(Did you steal my money?)


|D D/C (A)|D D/C (A)|

I wake up on broken glass

|D D/C (A) |D D/C (A)|

But you left your number

|D D/C (A)|D D/C (A) |

All the members of the cast

|D D/C (A) |D D/C (A)

They reckon I was lumbered


|Cadd9 | |G6/B | |

Did you steal it? Did you screw me?

|Bbmaj7 | | Am7 |Em7

Did you peel it? Did you do me?


|D5 D5/C (A)|D5 D5/C (A)|D5 D5/C (A)|D5 D5/C |

Did you steal my money? Did you steal my money?


Are you out there, Mr. no one?

Are my investments growing?

Sorry that I got so drunk, but I wrote you a poem


Did you search me? Did you turn me over?

While I cold-turkeyed on the sofa?


Did you steal my money? Did you steal my money?



|G |D/G |Em/G |D/G |G |D/G |Em/G |D/G


|G |D/G |Em/G |D/G |G |D/G |Em/G |D/G

How can we forgive a grievance, now that we all live with demons?


|A7sus4 |A7 |A7sus4 |A7

Did you know that poor old veteran that you kicked right out of his bed

|A7sus4 |A7 |A7sus4 |A7

He says that he cannot forget you, but he does not wish you dead

|A7sus4 |A7

Just leave his gold watch in reception

|A7sus4 |A7

And he'll keep the sixteen stitches in his head

|D5 D/C (A)| |D5 D/C (A) |D D/C |

Did you steal his money? Did you steal his money?


Did you pinch my trainer football?

Say if you half-inched it

I thought I heard a female footfall while I washed my kitchen


Did you use me? Oh, why did I trust you?

Why'd you abuse me? Oh, I ain't gonna bust you, no no


Did you steal my money? Did you steal my money?

Did you steal my money? Did you steal my money?


Did you steal my lolly? Fell right off my lorry


Did you pinch my brasso? Nick my gelt, you asshole?


Did you steal my monied money? Did you? Did you? Did you?





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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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