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Stay (Faraway, So Close!)




Tune down half a step.




There are two guitars:


Bono Edge

E 022100 main riff

F# 044300 244300

F#m 044200 044200

A 077600 577600

B 099800 799800

C#m 446654 046650



main riff


h h h

E --x-x------2---------x-x------2---------x-x-------2-4----------

B --4-5----5----5------4-5----5----5------4-5-----5--------------

G --4-4--4-------------4-4--4-------------4-4---4----------------

D --2-2----------------2-2----------------2-2--------------------

A ---------------------------------------------------------------

E ---------------------------------------------------------------

h = hammer on



(Bono plays chords)

E F#

Green light, Seven Eleven


You stop in for a pack of cigarettes


You don't smoke, don't even want to


Hey now, check your change


Dressed up like a car crash


The wheels are turning but you're upside down



( Edge plays arpeggiated chords)

F#m E

You say when he hits you, you don't mind

F#m E

Because when he hurts you, you feel alive

F# A E

Is that what it is?



(Edge plays main riff)

Red lights, grey morning

You stumble out of a hole in the ground

A vampire or a victim

It depends on who's around

You used to stay in to watch the adverts

You could lip synch to the talk shows



(Edge plays arpeggiated chords)

F#m C#m

And if you look, you look through me


And when you talk it's not to me


And when I touch you, you don't feel a thing



F#m E

If I could stay... then the night would give you up

F#m E

Stay, and the day would keep its trust

F#m A E

Stay, and the night would be enough



(Edge plays main riff)

Faraway, so close

Up with the static and the radio

With satellite television

You can go anywhere

Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin



(Edge plays arpeggiated chords)

And if you listen I can't call

And if you jump, you just might fall

And if you shout I'll only hear you


F#m E

If I could stay... then the night would give you up

F#m E

Stay, and the day would keep its trust

F#m C#m

Stay with the demons you drowned


Stay with the spirit I found

F#m A E

Stay and the night would be enough



(Bono stops, Edge plays main riff)

Three o'clock in the morning

It's quiet and there's no one around

Just the bang and the clatter

As an angel runs to ground

Just the bang and the clatter

As an angel hits the ground


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