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Elvis Presley and America


Black flesh of my own love

Tell me - open my eyes

Black flesh come into my own life

Telling me to sing

And I believe in you

And I believe in you

Black flesh sees the sky

And he turns its side from you

She won't turn my back

And I know her tears are blue

And you know - and your sky is faith in blue

And your heart - so cold when I'm with you

And you feel, like no-one told you to

And your time is on your side

And you'll talk with me - oh, don't talk to me

Oh, don't talk to me - don't talk to me


You know, like no one told you how

But you know, well the king knows how to howl

And revealed like sentimental

But you don't care - with us you're sharing

In your he-a-rt, he-a-rt

Hopelessly, so hope and see

I'm breaking through for you and me

And you know, though no-one told you to

And you found out where you were going, where to

And you're through with me

But I know that you'll be back for more


You know, and though no-one told you so

And you know

The sky - like a heart in shades of blue

And you walk when you want to let go

We live on the outside

Turn away - fade away

Drop me down but don't break me

If you can, stay

Audience sighs in your heart and mind

Audience dies in your heart and mine

Sweetly love will come

Loving is on your side, walking through

Something in your heart

It beats like something new


The edge - I'm lost

Stay - stay sad and resigned

Oh stay sad - no more beside

Oh stay sad - no more beside

Oh stay sad - no more be sad


And you know, and though no one told you how

And you wipe the sweat off your white brow

And you care, and though no one told you try

And your heart is left out from the side

And the rain beats down

And the shame going down

And this rain keeps on coming down

And this sky is black


Give a voice - so winged you are

You are going to join to God

Give a voice - so winged you are

Give a voice so singular

Gave away some line, gave one old line


And you know, and though no one told you scan

And you feel, like you pretend you can

You say go - you live on the other side of me

Don't you leave - don't leave out part of me

Then I can't feel like I feel before

I can't hold on and I see the floor

And you pick me up

Bits and pieces on this floor





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