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U2 Please (BASS TAB)



This Is one of mr claytons most effective sounding soung.

i have included both versions of the song both the album

and single versions. Both are great with the single version

having a much easier bassline. I preform personally in my band 'Gin'

and in our cover of please i do a mixture of the two versions. so

its up to you how you choose to play these. It dosent matter just

have fun and keep on groovin to U2 basslines!


Intro: (both versions)


|-----------------|-----------------| The amount of times repeated

|-----------------|-----------------| before rests varies between

|---5---5-7-5-----|---5---5---------| versions. (just listen)



THe album versions then just comes in and continues the intro riff.

The single version plays a lead up run first


(Album version)






(single version)






Those two are played during verses and chorus.

Just listen for the breaks and be carefull with the

timing (it sound really great if you get it right)


When the interlude comes we bassist have nothing to do so

just sit back and let the guitarist have fun.


Now comes the hard part the single version as i said is

a lot easier so if you not real quick it is proberly best to

use it until you can get the speed right.


(single version)


When bono sings please






repeat that twice


Then play a Joshua tree style bassline using the root of the chord


|-----------------| * means repeat note. Just continue on to the

|-----------------| end of the song.




Now i think this is right but am proberly wrong but it sounds good

if in doubt jsut jam around the 12th and 14th frets on the a string


(Album version)





















|---------------------| And just repeat that line adding your

|---------------------| own subtle differences and alternating between

|-12h14p12h14---------| ending on 12 and 10.




|--16--------| The very end bit




Now if you think this wrong and know the correct tab Please, send

it to me ant questions contact me by email at the address below. Also

if you have any U2 tabs no available at the U2 Guitar archive. Submit them

in to nathan. Or send me bass tab. keep on bassing!



Tabbed by Mark Linwood



Hint suggesstions or comments to (


Return to my to my U2 bass tabs page

The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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