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and I'm through, gonna fuck with you,

then I say what the fuck with you?

And I'm out for the nine-duce niggas.



(Too $hort)

comin' with, this is nine-tre, still bad ass lynchin'

muthafuckin' Q-Ball and my nigga Brad,

with the funky reggae style, check it out.

Bad ass, comin' once again, I'ma shock ya,

Don't try to step, cuz I'm the rocka.

Listen I'm the nigga, bad ass on the cut.

Don't try to step, I'll shoot your ass, I'll go nuts.

Steppin' is his strength, Q-Ball got somthin' to say,

he's up next, white chowder don't play.






I come too dope, I'm kickin' the cash.

Because I clash, I gash.

The buck-shots hit your ass when you duck.

Nigga rains be supreme...






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