authentic Chinese Yixing zisha fanggu drum teapot ball filter zhuni 150 cc For Sale

authentic Chinese Yixing zisha fanggu drum teapot ball filter zhuni 150 cc

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authentic Chinese Yixing zisha fanggu drum teapot ball filter zhuni 150 cc:

I guarantee the teapot is made from authentic zisha and handmade
Item:Fanggu (Drum Teapot) Capacity: 150 cc Filter: spherical

Material: Zhuni Maker: Zhuang Qinying( craftswoman)

This teapot takes after the shape of a Chinese drum. A very traditional piece of good craftsmanship worth having.

Yixing zisha pottery emerged in Song Dynasty, consummated in Ming and Qing dynasty. In Yuan Dynasty, technology for making zisha teapot became mature, and people began to carve on them. In the mid of the Ming Dynasty, zisha teapot were very popular, and considered the most suitable for Chinese tea. In Qing Dynasty, more decorations such as calligraphy and paintings were contrived on teapot, which made them exquisite pieces of art.

The zisha (purple clay) is not necessarily purple all the time. There are three basic colors red, purple and millet yellow of the clay, but the color of the finished product varies to the temperature when fired in the kiln.
People treasure zisha teapot because of its unique feature of being able to enhance the flavor of tea, and keep the tea fresh even in hottest summer. Modern scientific studies find that the unique feature of the zisha teapot comes from the double porous structure it maintains, which makes the teapot able to breathe. The longer it is used, the sheen over the pot will appear more apparent and lively.

It is treasured not only because of its unique feature in daily use, but also because of its artistry in its shape, calligraphy and paintings carved on it.

Care and maintenance
1. Pour out tea leaves, wash the pot with fresh water only, clean it up and drain it dry after each use.

2. Keep it in a clean and airy place far away from fume and dust. Please don’t store it in package.

3. It is advised for better storage , not to keep the lid on the pot all the time.

4. It’s advised one teapot for one kind of tea only for best taste.

5. Any use of chemical agents or detergents is strictly prohibited when cleaning the pot.

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