Willard Style Pulley for a Weight Banjo or Reg. Clock For Sale

Willard Style Pulley for a Weight Banjo or Reg. Clock

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Willard Style Pulley for a Weight Banjo or Reg. Clock:

Authentic Willard style pulley for weight banjo or weight regulator clocks. Made of machined brass. 1-3/8" in diameter. We sell the brass .040" cable which works well with this pulley. This is the ideal pulley for our Willard t-bridge weight banjo clock movements.

Webclocksplusparts.com. See my store for many hard to find clock parts, as well as low prices, fast service. I always combine shipping. See also our website, clocksplusparts.com. (IMPORTANT, see below). Possible discounts on large orders, e-mail for details. If you like my products, please leave 5-star response. If I get enough, gives me a slight discount on my fees, and it helps me keep prices down. If you don't feel you can give 5-star response, please contact me to see what I can do better. If you have some interest, but don't have a Paypal account, please e-mail me. IF YOU ARE BUYING MULTIPLE ITEMS...wait for me to send you an invoice. If you pay before I send you an invoice you may not get combined shipping, as will just add the shipping and send you an invoice. I have been refunding shipping overpayments automatically, but my sales volume prevents this now. Occasionally, but rarely, I will run out of an item. In these rare occasions, iIt takes normally 10 days to get re-supply. Please keep this in mind. Please e-mail with any questions. E-mail is our prefferred mode of communication, please exhaust that option before asking to call us.Weights: please measure the size of you clock's weight channels very carefully before ordering weights. Make sure to allow at least 1/4" clearance. a 2" wide weight will not fit in a 2" weight channel. The iron weights are individually cast and can vary slightly in their dimensions and appearance.Attention: Non-USA buyers. We have had some problems with late and even non-delivery to foriegn countries. We mail through the USPS to you. USPS does not have the efficient tracking system as UPS and Fed Ex do. Once I mail the package to you, I can't control when it leaves the USA or what happens afterwards. Sometimes a package is delayed in customs for a period of time. Once a package is mailed, risk of non-delivery is yours! It's often not possible to insure foreign packages. Please don't ask me where your package is, all I know is the tracking information which is available to you. There is no way we can guarantee delivery, so please be aware that you are accepting the risk. This applies only to customers outside the USA.
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