Seeburg SHP1 SHP2 SHP3 Jukebox Amplifier REBUILD KIT New Capacitors Recap For Sale

Seeburg SHP1 SHP2 SHP3 Jukebox Amplifier REBUILD KIT New Capacitors Recap

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Seeburg SHP1 SHP2 SHP3 Jukebox Amplifier REBUILD KIT New Capacitors Recap:

Up for sale here is this recap kit for the Seeburg SHP1, SHP2, or SHP3 amplifier. At this point the amp is around 50 years old, and the old capacitors are weak and failing. We will make them new again!
This kit includes replacement electrolytic and film capacitors to replace all of the old electrolytic capacitors, including the cans. It also includes instructions to explain how to install everything. This does not include any transistors or other capacitors or resistors. New caps are Supertech axial electrolytics, Nichicon FW radial electrolytics, and Wima film capacitors--you will get the exact parts shown in the picture. These are all high-quality brand new genuine parts, the same parts I use when I work on vintage gear.
The parts included are mostly exact uf replacements, some of which you can't really find anywhere else. I had the bipolar 1500 uf axial electrolytic caps custom-made just for this kit. There are a few that change a little--the 20 uf caps are replaced with 22 uf and the 3000 uf are replaced with 3300 uf. These mostly go higher in voltage compared to the originals--the Supertech electrolytics are 50v, 63v, and 100v, the Wima film caps are 63v, and the Nichicon FW caps are 35v. There are radial 3300 uf 35v capacitors to replace the 3000 uf can capacitors--just disconnect the can and wire in the radial cap under the chassis. Nice and easy.
I will include surprisingly well-written instructions (with a link to download a schematic), but rebuilding vintage gear is somewhat complicated, and you should know what you're doing and have a decent soldering iron. This kit will not fix everything that could be wrong with your equipment, but it will certainly help. Please see my pictures for details.
If you are looking for a kit for a different jukebox amplifier, just let me know.
US shipping and handling is $5, and international is $18, no matter what quantity you buy. All my small parts are set up for combined shipping, so just use the "add to cart" feature and then check out all at once, and it will combine shipping. If you have any questions, please ask.
Looking for more parts? I have power switches, feet, pushbuttons, top case screws, bottom screws, faceplate screws, white LED fuse lamps, blue LED fuse lamps, 6.3v bi-pin bulbs, 8v bi-pin bulbs, 12v bi-pin bulbs, wired 8v 60ma bulbs, new power cords, new main capacitors for the Marantz 1060/2230, wired Pioneer speaker plug replacements, new 630v yellow film capacitors at 38 different values, new 1200v yellow film capacitors at 15 values, a large variety of transistors for vintage stereo repair, new Wima film capacitors for stereo repair, new 250v yellow film crossover capacitors, and more. Just use "add to cart" on everything you want and then check out for combined shipping.

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