Return Of The Jedi~Special Edition.Picture Disc~Sealed vinyl LP, 1983 For Sale

Return Of The Jedi~Special Edition.Picture Disc~Sealed vinyl LP, 1983

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Return Of The Jedi~Special Edition.Picture Disc~Sealed vinyl LP, 1983:

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    Details: Factory sealed. Lucas Films Ltd., distributed Buena Vista. Released 1983. catalog # 63155.

    Open Vinyl Records are VISUALLY GRADED (Cover/Vinyl) under high wattage lighting to conservative Goldmine standards.1-4 LPs ship in professional LP mailers with vinyl and inner sleeve outside the cover, and within a clear plastic outer sleeve.Appropriate padding and filler is used to avoid damage during transit. More detailed information on grading is below. * Sealed records can only be returned if still sealed. 30+ years experience in selling vinyl.st1aPhotos Of Record(s) Are The Actual Item(s) You Will Receive

    Vinyl and Books are among the main items I sell online. However, at any given time I will usually offer a
    mix of other items such collectible ephemera, advertising, electronics, toys,small items, militaria and other
    vintage items. As such, I must add that I am not an expert in any one category of items I may be selling.
    Certainly, I know more about some items than others, and that is generally made clear in the ads. Consider
    the photos added to any sale or set sale as part of the description and examine them closely. Ask any
    pertinent questions or raise issues before offerding or purchase. Items stored in pet-free environment,
    but second-hand items which come from a variety of sources, usually without provenance are just that.
    If you have a concern upon receipt of your item, please contact me so we can resolve the issue to your
    satisfaction. Perfection is my goal, reality is the rule. Stuff does happen on occasion.

    Record Grading Scale:

    • Mint= Flawless or Still Sealed LP. Most open pieces will never be in this condition
    • Near Mint = like new or near new with only one or two small insignificant defects, a 9 or better on a 1-10 scale.
      The cover will be as new, withonly the most minor signs of wear, vinyl should look like new, with perhaps a paper
      mark or two.
    • VG++ = still a very nice record with all or nearly all of its original gloss but may have a very few light surface marks,
      or paper scuffs from the sleeve, nothing that should affect play quality. Equal to the Excellent grade.
    • VG+ = A nice, but used record that may have a very few light scuffs or scratches. It probably plays well, and has no serious problems. Will still enhance a collection. Perhaps some minor ring wear to the cover, small seam split, etc.
    • VG = a good record with average use. This record that should still sound good when played, but may have moderate surface noise, pops, etc.
    • VG- = a very well-worn record that should play through without skipping, and will do better until a better one comes along.

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