RARE & WEIRD 1978 Coca-Cola of Los Angeles INDUSTRIAL MUSICAL For Sale

RARE & WEIRD 1978 Coca-Cola of Los Angeles INDUSTRIAL MUSICAL

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RARE & WEIRD 1978 Coca-Cola of Los Angeles INDUSTRIAL MUSICAL:

If you've seen "Bathtubs Over Broadway" or read "Everything's Coming Up Profits," you know that private pressing "industrial musical" souvenir albums are some of the rarest and weirdest records in existence. These motivational musicals were only for dealers, salesmen, distributors and other industry insiders at sales meetings and conventions, and the souvenir vinyl records were not available to the public. And many of these shows boasted outstanding music and performances along with the bizarre corporate subject matter.I'm the collector and historian profiled in the documentary "Bathtubs Over Broadway," and the co-author of "Everything's Coming Up Profits - The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals." I'm thinning out my stash of duplicates, and offering an assortment of records that range from the scarce, to the very rare, to the "you'll probably never encounter this again."Here's a quite rare one that's not in the book: a regional Coca-Cola show, put on in early 1978 by the Los Angeles branch of the Coke empire for local bottlers.
Industrial shows are often an amusing snapshot of cultural trends refracted through the warped lens of corporate communications, and this show gives off a pungent whiff of 1978, with some borrowed "Star Wars" theme music and warbling wocka-wocka guitar.
There's an interesting range of material, from the sturdy but unremarkable "we can do it" messages of the "Accelerate in '78" theme, to a mostly-spoken-to-music history of CCLA (who knew the LA Coke empire had metastasized to include Hawaii, Las Vegas, and parts of the midwest? I didn't), a musical history of the development of soft drinks in response to the perils of Demon Rum (a song called "Look What You Started"), and rewrites of "Ease Down the Road" from The Wiz and "You Got to Have Friends." Even some corporate proto-rap!
"You may be the best, the greatest, the king, a salesman second to none -- but without the whole team doing its thing, brother you are done!"
"We've got the products that top the scales! We've got promotion that never fails! But most of all we've got the guys! The salespeople that win the prize!"Side 2 is an anthology of memorable Coke commercial campaigns with their famous musical themes, such as "Coke Adds Life," "Things Go Better With Coke," "It's The Real Thing," and others, many with celebrity performances.This copy is in very nice condition, with the cover showing only minor wear other than a top seam split, and the vinyl is very good with minor marks and smudges. Plays fine.An intriguing 70's show with plenty of fun sounds and insider corporate goofiness, with the unusual twist that it was a show for a very specific part of a much larger conglomerate.It's a very desirable and scarce record for industrial show collectors, Coke collectors, and anyone who appreciates extremely arcane vinyl!Check out my other listings for many more killer examples of this deliciously strange and secret slice of American musical and corporate history (including another Coke show and a Pepsi show), as well as an assortment of other miscellaneous weird records from my hoard. Buyers of multiple records get a break on shipping charges.

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