RARE NOS 1945 WWII US Army Air Forces 2CV1C1 Servo-Amplifier for B-29 CSFC For Sale

RARE NOS 1945 WWII  US Army Air Forces 2CV1C1 Servo-Amplifier for B-29 CSFC

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RARE NOS 1945 WWII US Army Air Forces 2CV1C1 Servo-Amplifier for B-29 CSFC :

For sale is an awesome piece of WWII history, left behind by my late father, who was an Army Signal Corps Radio School instructor during the war. This is one of the "treasures" in his collection of surplus electronic equipment. Not understanding much of what I read about this device on line, I had an engineer (who understands the language better than I do!) write up the following information for you.DESCRIPTION: You can own a piece of US Army Air Force History with this 1945 vintage servo-amplifier, which was at the heart of the B-29 bomber's Central Station Fire Control System (CSFC). This military electronics item is extremely RARE. The CSFC was designed by General Electric to permit analog computer control of four unmanned turret guns from remote, on-board sighting stations. This WWII artifact was factory tested by GE less than two months before a B-29 Superfortress dropped the first of the 2 atomic bombs which ended World War II. The original Test Report, dated June 14, 1945, and bearing the serial number of this unit, was discovered inside the servo-amplifier with some original packing material. Thus, this piece of electronic equipment is apparently New Old Stock, and was never installed in a B-29. MANUFACTURER: General Electric, Schenectady, New York, USA, for U.S. Army Air Forces [see nameplate].YEAR: 1945 [from GE Test Report for Serial No. 2077569, found inside].TYPE: Model 2CV1C1 Servo-Amplifier, per Specification Number GO-18393 [see nameplate].ORDER NUMBER: W33-038ac3826 [see Faint remains of a manufacturer's stamp (GE) appears on the Servo-Amplifier cover.ACCESS: Removing the cover provides access to the chassis, circuitry, electronic components and wiring diagram. Access is easily obtained by disengaging the three thumb latches mounted on top of the cover.CIRCUIT: Per Wiring Diagram T-8254163 Revision 7 (fixed inside cover).SERIAL NUMBER: 2077569 [see nameplate-- also stamped on chassis].TEST REPORT: Dated 6-14-45 -- enclosed. Checking & Testing stamped "GE24." Test values recorded for input power, field current balance, anti-hunt, and various speed tests.INPUT POWER: Specified less than 1 amp. Tested 0.79 amps - 115 VAC 400 (12 total) - 6SN7GT (four required) and 6V6GT (eight required). [Vacuum tubes not included.] Tube locations are metal stamped into the chassis and the frame.NEON GLOW LAMPS: (4 total) - NE-16, T4-1/2. [Neon glow lamps not included].ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS: The chassis incorporates a Bendix-style receptacle for an MS 28-17 Contact Arrangement with fifteen size-16 contact pins. The Pin Insert appears to be in an MS3102 box-mounting receptacle shell with external 1.750-18 NEF thread for coupling.FINISH: Cover is coated with black, wrinkle-finish enamel.NOMINAL CABINET DIMENSIONS: About 12-1/4 inches wide (over ventilation fins) by 11-3/8 inches deep (excludes the protruding electrical receptacle) by 5-5/8 inches high (including thumb latches).CONDITION: Sold as found, as is, untested, and as photographed. See photos for condition. Unit is in good physical shape for its age. It was stored in a smoke-free home. Seller is not equipped to test the Servo-Amplifier and did not connect power to the equipment.What a great piece to add to your collection of WWII military equipment! Perfect for museums or for Aviation Buffs! Nice for collectors of B-29 artifacts or other WWII military electronics. And, great for someone who has everything... except THIS! This unit had amazingly advanced computer technology!! What an awesome conversation piece! I hope this is one that you would love to own!!!Thanks for looking!

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