Little Girl Blue by Simone, Nina (Record, 2016) For Sale

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Little Girl Blue by Simone, Nina (Record, 2016):

Give one of my Better N\' New Records a spin (sorry).
I truly believe buying one of these records is better than buying one new in shrink. I clean it, make sure it plays correctly, and upgrade the inner and outer sleeves to archival quality. Those things would all cost you way more to do on your own. Mine comes ready to go right into your collection.Better N\' New Cleaned and Sleeved - These records were purchased new, opened, ultrasonically cleaned, play tested for warps and other imperfections, placed in upgraded inner sleeves, and stored in polypropylene outer sleeves. By most measures, these records meet the highest archival and audiophile standards. Read on to learn about the process I use. Or just buy it already.
Ultrasonic Cleaning is a process that uses high-frequency sound waves to create tiny bubbles in a liquid bath. These bubbles help remove dust, dirt, oil, grease, fungus, and other contaminants from vinyl records without damaging them.It requires zero contact with the record surface, unlike other methods that may scratch or wear out the vinylIt gets deep into the grooves, where many other methods cannot reach, and cleans them thoroughly.It is fast and efficient, as it can clean multiple records at once in a short time.It is environmentally friendly, as it uses water or mild cleaning agents that are biodegradable and safe.
Replacement Inner Sleeves:Paper inner sleeves cause scratches, scuffs, dust, and noise on the vinyl surface over time. Paper is abrasive and can wear away the record when you move it in and out of the sleeve, and degrades and leaves deposits on the record that get lodged in the grooves and affect the sound quality. Paper is also prone to static electricity, which can attract more dirt and dust to the recordRice paper inner sleevesanti-static, which means they prevent the buildup of static electricity that can attract dust and dirt to the record surface and cause pops and clicks during playback.acid-free, which means they do not contain any chemicals that can damage the vinyl over time and cause discoloration or deterioration.rice paper layer, which adds extra rigidity and smoothness to the sleeve and makes it easier to insert and remove the record without scratching or scuffing it.transparent, which means they allow you to see the record label and artwork without removing the sleeve.
4 mil cast polypropylene outer sleeves:thicker and stronger than regular polypropylene sleeves, which means they can resist tears, punctures, and abrasions better.crystal clear, which means they can display the record artwork and label without any distortion or glare.resealable flap, which means they can provide a tight and secure seal around the record, preventing dust, moisture, and air from entering.

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