Learn Bass Guitar Method CD Music 30 Books & Lyrics Lessons Play Rock Along Tab For Sale

Learn Bass Guitar Method CD Music 30 Books & Lyrics Lessons Play Rock Along Tab

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Learn Bass Guitar Method CD Music 30 Books & Lyrics Lessons Play Rock Along Tab:

This collection includes 34 Method and Music Books and Instructions

The bass guitar also called the electric bass or just bass is a stringed instrument played with the fingers , by plucking, slapping, or picking.

The bass guitar resembles the electric guitar but has a longer neck with four, five, six, or eight strings. The four-string bass is the most common.

The bass guitar is used in many different types of music such as rock n roll, heavy metal, pop, punk rock, country, reggae, gospel, blues, and jazz. So no matter which is your favorite you'll be sure to be able to carry the tune!

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