Harmonica Microphone Element Ceramic Crystal Hi-Z Harp Mic Fits JT-30 and Others For Sale

Harmonica Microphone Element Ceramic Crystal Hi-Z Harp Mic Fits JT-30 and Others

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Harmonica Microphone Element Ceramic Crystal Hi-Z Harp Mic Fits JT-30 and Others:

I will not ship to anywhere in New England. I will not ship to a business address or a P.O. box. I will not ship to an unoccupied residence or an address that does not exist. You must have a legitimate name and a legitimate address and both your and PayPal address must match.
Please read everything carefully!
The JT-30 grill in the photos is not included!
This is a brand new ceramic (man made crystal) high impedance harmonica microphone element, perfect for a harmonica pickup played in a "tight cup" but is not suited for vocals or Ham radio applications.
Do not be shocked by the light weight of this element. It is not empty, it is not a 1950's element lined with lead in a cast iron housing. The wires are very thin if you are a novice at soldering this may not be for you.It will also fit:Astatic 200, Superlux D112C, Red Howler, Cherry Bomb and Shure Green Bullet models.
The mic element has a 1 meg ohm input impedance and the large capture area gives a consistent harmonica sound output, peaking at 1 khz and is fairly sharp and resonant at this frequency. It is 1 7/8" across or 47mm, and 5/8" or 15mm thick. It fits nicely in a Shure Green Bullet or an Astastic JT-30 shell with weather stripping (included) or appropriate sized gasket.
Weather stripping included may be black or brown.
NEWS! a buyer wrote back:Hello! I just received the crystal, and is already installed in my JT30. It sounds great! and fit perfect in the original rubber of my JT30, I didn't need to use the one you provided. (so if your JT30 gasket isn't cracked it will fit)
here is the mic in action:
This is played through a Pignose Hog20 with the squeal on 7, the volume on 4 and the tone on 1. The amp is an arms length away and I'm getting no response holding the element with my bare hands. Heres some response email:
Morning. I just wanted to mention that I installed your element into an Astatic JT-30 shell yesterday and it sounds really good. You make a terrific product.

I also soldered a .001 capacitor to the volume control between the center (wiper) lead and the positive lead to bleed off some high end treble. Man, it sounds incredible now. You may want to mention this mod to customers that are installing into shells with volume controls.

Cheers, Rob
fitted your element to an old JT30 shell, have just tried it out, then tried two of my JT30s with 101 crystal elements, then tried yours again. cant find any difference in sound other than your element is slightly louder on the same volume setting, need to order another to go into a s300 shell. Thanks Mike
Dear dollierock,yep thanks again
just to let you know took some mics to the local blues club and let harp players try out some of my mics jt30s some with original 101 elements some with yours. I hadn't told them about your elements to see what ones they liked guess which ones I've sold !!Put it into a Superlux D112C and it works GREAT!!! thanks! Unlike a natural crystal you can drop this mic or get it in extreme cold or damp and it will not break. I took the grill off my green bullet and it fits and looks very nice inside.
A1 meg ohm volume control may be used with this mic.
You peel the gasket strip and wrap the sticky side around the element, (It is not a permanent stick so you can play with it). Trim the two ends to fit then push the seamed side into the JT-30 chrome grill bottom. then I use a rounded soup spoon sort of like a shoe horn to push in the top. then just screw it on.
It comes shipped in recycled packaging.
This mic element is tested before shipping.
This microphone is not meant for any purpose other than playing harmonica.
An ohm meter won't tell you anything about the element and depending on your meter you can damage the element. Use alligator test clip wires before installing. clip the red wire to the tip of a guitar cord and the black wire to the ring, then go straight to the amp.
You must hold the element in your hands in a tight cup to test (like in the video), it will not sound right if you do not. It will sound even better once you use a gasket and install it in a housing.
Ceramic and crystal mics are very hot, the tone on the amp should be on 1 or off completely. Move well away from the amp. You may need a response killer like a T-pad attenuator (not included) if you want to play at really loud volumes.
Please read my return policy in full. To get a return the element has to be untampered with dysfunctional and unused. this means you send it back to me with no soldered ends, wires intact not cut short, no bad breath, no spit, no mucous, no blood, no smoke (cigs/weed), tobacco juice or perfumes.You must also save the original packaging do not throw it out.

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