Hagen Renaker #726 3180 Unfinished Banjo NOS Last of the HR Factory Stock BIN For Sale

Hagen Renaker #726 3180 Unfinished Banjo NOS Last of the HR Factory Stock BIN

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Hagen Renaker #726 3180 Unfinished Banjo NOS Last of the HR Factory Stock BIN:


New Old Stock

Banjo 3180

Specialties 2021


This Banjo is NOS stock from the HR factory. Shipping is included with the price.

I am honored to present the last inventory of the famous California pottery, Hagen-Renaker.

In my listings, you may see unusual items mixed in with standard issue. Variations and Special Runs will turn up, but I do NOT pick models to order. There may be 4 of the same model shown available by a listing. Please do not ask me to "pick out a lighter one", etc.I blind box to each customer.

In addition to the regular run inventory, I purchased Samples (how the factory tried out final decoration), Tests (slip and underglaze colors), and Seconds. Oddly, Seconds can be very nice, and may only be missing a small decoration or luster overglaze. Some Seconds are indistinguishable from first quality, but are honestly identified as the factory did.

I have been collecting HR with my wife, for decades. She runs the HR licensee pottery, Hagen-Renaker Tennessee, and the Ceramic Animal Museum.

My San Dimas closing inventory is separate from her products, and there is no substitution between them. We aim to preserve and share the legacy of Hagen-Renaker.


Each item comes with a full color COA. Each sale item has an inventory number listed in the title and photo. This number will be hand written on the back of each COA and photos will be stored in case a COA is misplaced in the future. Please do not ask for multiple COAs, these have been created exclusively for our sales by Hagen-Renaker Inc.

Tests, Samples, Seconds and New Old Stock

We are going to great lengths to describe each piece as accurately as possible. Tests and Samples were pulled from a specific area in the factory and separated bythe employees. We worked to locate, identify and to keep tests and sampleseparate from other products. Seconds were stored in a locker and placed there by employees to be examined at a later date. Seconds have minor flaws that would have kept it from being sent to a customer. New Old Stock is all of thecurrent stock that can be found on the 2021 order forms for miniatures and specialties.

Comes from a smoke free home!

International Shipping:

We gladly combine shipping and will ship international using s'GSP. We have no control over the GSPprogram so please don’t ask to ship any other way international.

Domestic Shipping:

We Gladly Combine Shipping!

Please wait to be invoiced after the sale, we will offer first class and priority mail on all orders. Just drop us a note at the end of the sale to let us know how you want your item shipped. All orders over $50 for an individual order or combined orders will ship for FREE using priority mail with insurance for the full amount. If you pay before Thursday morning at 10am, your items will ship the same day.


I have been packing delicate items for years and am very familiar with handling and packing ceramics.Buy with confidence, we will take great care packing your item and making sure it gets to you in one piece. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

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