French First Empire Napoleonic Lion Pommel Sword Drum Major Tambour-Major For Sale

French First Empire Napoleonic Lion Pommel Sword Drum Major Tambour-Major

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French First Empire Napoleonic Lion Pommel Sword Drum Major Tambour-Major:

French Lion Pommel Glaive de Fantasie Short Sword 1stFirst Empire attributed to Tambour-Major, Drum-Major of Infantry

Thisarchaic lion head pommel style was popular as in the late 18thcentury and was notably used on foot officer Montmorency sabres of the FrenchRevolutionary period. Similar style lion pommels are also seen on MarineArtillery and Sapper swords of the period.

Thelion pommel along with the eagle pommel were also popular with Drum Majors ofthe French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period who generally carried straightbladed swords or slightly curved sabres. These were suspended from a shouldersling and generally have a single stud on the top scabbard fitting for thispurpose. There was no standardization orregulation pattern for these type swords during this period and the fewsurviving examples vary considerably.

Thesword here most resembles a rare surviving example in the Museum of the Emperi(shown in the last image) which has a similar shape eagle pommel instead oflion but the same style reversed lion quillons and overall shape and size. Ourexample is especially interesting as it has a formidable double fuller straightblade of the same type used by Dragoon and Cuirassier officers of the period butin appropriate proportioned size for someone on foot.

HILTGilt Bronze or Brass with elegant curved opposingquillons ending in open mouthed lion heads.The guard shape here was popular on the deluxe Marengo style swords ofthe Consulat and early Empire. Nice design relief carved fancy shield shapelangets.

Thegrip is the finely checkered black dyed wood or horn type of French officerswords of the 1800-1815 era. It is in typical condition for this type showingsurface rubbing with some stress cracks, loss and chips at the edges.

Therectangular area in the panel above the front langet is beautifully engravedwith initials. One letter appears to be a ‘ D ‘ the other may be an ‘ F ‘ andthere may be a third letter there but hard to tell.

Thetang shows an aged patina and appears undisturbed. The hilt has become a littleloose with age and there is a slight rattle as expected of an original antiquethat has not been remounted and tightenedBLADE Straight decoratedapproximately 23.75 ” blade withpronounced double fullers and central raised median The blade has surface staining and islandsof old dark surface pitting. The top part of the blade is etched with typicaldesigns of military trophies and foliage. The designs have traces of gold giltfill but no evidence it was ever blued. The blade may be signed with maker’sname or initials at the ricasso but that area is hidden by the langets anddifficult to see distinctly.

SCABBARD Thematching brass mounted leather scabbard is in exceptional condition and wasprobably refreshed or restored at some time. Both brass fittings have matchingfoliate designs on their front. The mounting stud is in the shape of a lionhead and similar in style to the quillons. The bottom fitting terminates in aninteresting rectangular button style drag similar in shape to the quillon onthe 1767/1790 style briquets

Overallthis sword in scabbard is approximately 29.75 inches in length.

The Book shown in the final image which shows a similar Drum Major sword in the Emperi Museum, is NOT included in this sale. It is shown for your reference only so you can see the similarities with the sword offered in this lot. Thank you


LesTresors de l’Emperi, L’armee de Napoleon. Vincent Bourgeot. Page 153 sabre-glaive de tambour-major d’infanterie(image reproduced below)

DESSABRES ET DES EPEES Troupes a Pieds de Louis XIV a nos jours. Tome Troisieme.Michel Petard. Page 109 figure 283 Sabre “a la ruche” note floating lionpommel, Page 145 fig. 364 Sabre de recompense accorde par le Directoire 1797similar lion pommel

NAPOLEONET SES SOLDATS l’Apogee de la Gloire 1804-1809, Collections Historiques duMusee de l’Armee. Paul Willing. Page 14. Monture d’un couteau de chasse desequipages imperiaux.

LESSABRES. Jean L’Hoste and Patrick Resek. Page 23 Sabre de Tambour-major vers1810, page 66 figure 28 Sabre de Tambour-Major Consulat-Empire, page 70 figure36 Sabre de Tambour-Major, debut Premier Empire, page 96 fig 101 Sapeur seestud om upper scabbard mount. Page 105 figure 125 Artillerie de Marine

Please note that the sale of this rare sword is final with no returns so please ask questions before you offer.

All images were taken in sunlight without enhancements.

SHIPPING.Please note that to prevent damage to this rare sword it will be well packed in a sturdy oversized format so the shipping cost may seem expensive. I do not make money on shipping;any excess more than $1 over your actual cost will be refunded by me through PayPal. I only use US Postal Serviceand I only ship to the address that you officially use for your PayPal and accounts. For international sales I ONLY ship through the GLOBAL SHIPPING program. International buyers, please do not ask me before or after to ship the sword to you directly (outside of GLOBAL SHIPPING) or understate value as I will not do this. Also with GLOBAL SHIPPING I am not able to combine orders of separate lots in one shipment. Thank you for your understanding.

This sale is final, noreturns so please ask your questions before offerding. Thank you.

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