FW Gundam Converge Figures Shokugan Gashapon New Sealed Bag Singles Bandai For Sale

FW Gundam Converge Figures Shokugan Gashapon New Sealed Bag Singles Bandai

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FW Gundam Converge Figures Shokugan Gashapon New Sealed Bag Singles Bandai :

Updated 6.24.22 With Special Selection #2 which adds:

270 GP01 Full Burnern

271 Acguy

272 Zaku III Custom w/ beam rifle

273 Zaku III Custom Psyco Pressure (metallic) w/ beam saber

There are four "Revive" figures from the Special Selection 1/2:

120' Nu Gundam- New Beam saber accessory previously exclusive to P-Bandai HWS ver.

121' Sazabi R- New beam shot rifle previoulsy P-Bandai exclusive

151' Heavy Arms Custom EW- Swappable face to version without clown mask.

152' Gundam MK II Titans R interchangeable Shoulder Armor to create unit 01, 02, or 03

FW Gundam Converge are small, pre-painted figures. They are approximately 2 inches in height and display mobile suits from various Gundam series intended for a fixed pose display. Typically limited articulation exists at the pegs where the heads and shoulders attach to the torso, so slight variations in pose are possible. The best resource I have found that shows the figures and their accessories can be found style="font-family:Arial; font-size:14pt;">Listing is for individual figures. Just select the figure of your choice from the drop down menu to add to cart.

These are not sold as blind boxes, the figure shown on the box is the figure inside. Discounts available for multiple purchases and should automatically apply. If you are considering a purchase in larger quanitites feel free to contact me to see if we can work out something.

All items listed are in new, undisplayed condition. They are at a minimum inside their sealed plastic bags. The vast majority of listed items are new in sealed box. Some few items are in a box that has been previously opened. Some may also be without a box. Any figure without a condition note will be new in sealed box. If the item is open box or no box that will be noted in the selection menu.

Typically an item would not have a box if it was included in a multi-pack originally, where a single box contained multiple figures. In cases where the box has been previously opened this is primarily for one of two reasons; Some sellers open to remove the piece of gum in the box prior to exporting the items from Japan. Additionally, some of the figures contain a "Secret" version, where the box is the same on the outside, but the inside figure is different. These items will still be new, unused items sealed in their original bags. If the box is open or not included it will be noted on the item's listing. Any used items where bags have been opened will be sold in a separate listing.

In cases of "secret" figures, most of the items are in open boxes and confirmed- you will receive the secret version of the figure you order. However, it is possible that you may receive a secret version even if you order the standard version, as the standard versions have not been opened.

Some minor assembly of parts is required, such as attaching arms, heads, weapons, shields, backpacks, antennas, or other various accessries. Most include a single loadout for a single look, while some figures come with extra, alternate accessories to make minor variations in the display. Imported directly from Japan, where figures were original sold as Gashapon Candy toys, so a small piece of soda flavored chewing gum should be in the sealed boxes. Please note that these items are in some cases years old, meaning that the gum is also years old and might be discolored or degraded. It is not recommended for consumption.

Condition Note on Figure 07, Unicorn Gundam (Secret version with bazooka and normal version). The bottom of the box is opened, the bags are unopened, however some dust and debris has collected on the figure while it has been in storage. Looks like something that should clean up with a wet paper towel, but wanted to be transparent in the listing.

Photos for specific items available upon request.

Shipping and handling included in purchase price. Most likely USPS First Class, but exact method will be determined at time of shipment.

Please ask any questions you may have.

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