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Dead Kennedys 3 CD Bundle - CLOSEOUT SALE (NEW/SEALED):

The album consists of songs (or in some cases, different versions of songs) that were not released on the band\'s studio albums. The original vinyl version had tracks 16 and 17 on an extra flexi disc. The album was certified gold by both BPI and the RIAA in December 2007. The title is a play on the ultimatum by Patrick Henry, \"Give me liberty, or give me death!\", and is intended as a commentary on American consumerism.Give Me Convenience or Give Me Deathwas the last Dead Kennedys album that Biafra approved the production of, which also led to it being the last album released through Alternative Tentacles.
Track Listing:1. Police Truck2. Too Drunk to Fuck 3. California Über Alles (single version) 4. The Man with the Dogs 5. Insight 6. Life Sentence 7. A Child and His Lawnmower 8. Holiday in Cambodia (single version) 9. I Fought the Law 10. Saturday Night Holocaust 11. Pull My Strings (live) 12. Short Songs (live) 13. Straight A\'s (live) 14. Kinky Sex Makes the World Go \'Round 15. The Prey 16. Night of the Living Rednecks (live) 17. Buzzbomb from PasadenaPLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS / IN GOD WE TRUST, INC.(NEW SEALED)Plastic Surgery Disastersis the second studio album released by Dead Kennedys. Recorded in 1982, the album is darker and more hardcore-influenced than their debut album, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables as a result of the band trying to expand on the sound and mood they had achieved with their 1980 single, \"Holiday In Cambodia.\" This is the first full-length album to feature drummer, D.H. Peligro, and is frontman Jello Biafra\'s favorite Dead Kennedys album.In God We Trust, Inc. is the first EP released by Dead Kennedys in 1981. The record is a screed against things ranging from organized religion and Neo-Nazis, to the pesticide Kepone and government indifference that worsened the effects of Minimata disease catastrophes. This is also the first Dead Kennedys album that features the band\'s first references to Ronald Reagan, for which they would become notorious.Plastic Surgery Disasters - Track Listing:1. Advice From Christmas Past2. Government Flu3. Terminal Preppie4. Trust Your Mechanic5. Well Paid Scientist6. Buzzbomb7. Forest Fire8. Halloween9. Winnebago Warrior10. Riot11. Bleed For Me12. I Am The Owl13. Dead End14. Moon Over Marin
In God We Trust, Inc.- Track Listing:
15. Religious Vomit16. Moral Majority17. Hyperactive Child18. Kepone Factory19. Dog Bite20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off21. We\'ve Got A Bigger Problem Now22. Rawhide
BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRACY(NEW SEALED)Bedtime For Democracyis the fourth and final studio album released by Dead Kennedys. Released in 1986, this album saw the band take a more thrashy edge to their sound, resulting in some of their most fast and intense tracks.The album\'s title refers to the 1951 comedy film,Bedtime For Bonzo,starring Ronald Reganand also reflects the band\'s weary bitterness from the trial they were undergoing at the time over the controversial artincluded with their previous album.Track Listing:1. Take This Job And Shove It2. Hop With The Jet Set3. Dear Abby4. Rambozo The Clown5. Fleshdunce6. The Great Wall7. Shrink8. Triumph Of The Swill9. Macho Insecurity10. I Spy11. Cesspools In Eden12. One Way Ticket To Pluto13. Do The Slag14. A Commercial15. Gone With My Mind16. Anarchy For Sale17. Chickenshit Conformist18. Where Do Ya Draw The Line19. Potshot Heard \'Round The World20. D.M.S.O.21. Lie Detector

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