Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - CD.. - R7427A For Sale

Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - CD.. - R7427A

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Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - CD.. - R7427A:

About this ItemThe item format is a CD
The Artist Name is Chuck E. Weiss
The Title is Extremely Cool
The Catalog Number is SRRCD 41Condition Used
Other Comments
Many Light Surface Marks On Fully Playable Cd, Like New Inserts, Light Rub To CaseThe Media Condition is Very Good

This  disk may have some visible wear, marks, and or hairlines on the disk and may have very minor warp wobble. When playing surface noise may be evident, especially in the quiet soft passages and during intro and fade. The label on the disk is likely to have minor wear and possibly writing on the label.   You can contact us to check the condition and to ask for photos.

The Sleeve Condition is Near Mint

This sleeve has almost no defects, with only very slight signs of handling. It has no creases, no folds, no seam splits, no  cut-out holes, or other noticeable or similar defects, it will look almost new.

The Tracks of this item include:
1. Devil With Blue Suede Shoes 5:03
2. Deeply Sorry 5:16
3. Oh Marcy 2:55
4. Pygmy Fund 3:07
5. It Rains On Me 2:34
6. Sonny Could Lick All Them Cats 3:33
7. Jimmy Would 2:38
8. Extremely Cool 4:45
9. Just Don\'t Care 2:37
10. Roll On Jordon 2:16
11. Do You Know What I Idi Amin 5:36
12. Horseface 3:07
13. Rocking In The Kibbitz Room 3:36
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The Sleeve
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This  CD Inner and Outer Sleeve
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