Christmas Ornament DRUMS Korean ? w/ Jingle Bell USA SELLER For Sale

Christmas Ornament DRUMS Korean ? w/ Jingle Bell USA SELLER

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Christmas Ornament DRUMS Korean ? w/ Jingle Bell USA SELLER :

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NOTE: The final photo is to help me locate where I have stored your order. Any other items that might be seen in the final photo are NOT included in this transaction. Props are also not included. Props such as Coke cans, dollar bills, coins, porcelain hands and so on, are NOT included in this transaction, either.

NOTE: I have a nice selection of feather tree and other ornaments to select from. It would be worth your time to have a look. There are over 1,000 to choose from, and I'm always adding new listings. You'll find both vintage and contemporary. You can choose between import and domestic ornies, linens, figurines and other holiday decorations. To narrow your search, because there are so many, just type in, example: Ornament Glass, Ornament Ceramic, Ornament Ball, Ornament Bell, Red, Green, Glitter, snow or whatever strikes your fancy. It'll be a lot of fun for you.

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Christmas Ornament Glass


  • Previously Owned
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  • Christmas Ornament
  • I'm not sure what it is made out of


  • 1 Christmas Ornament


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  • I double box when necessary
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I DO consolidate shipping. The more you order from me, the more you will save. I invite you to visit my store. There is something for everyone at all price points. Thank you for looking.

I do not ship international.
I'll be packing up my Christmas items in a couple of days - not to be seen again until Thanksgiving of next year - so, now's your chance...
Thanks for looking. I will consider all fair offers.
NOTE: is shadow blocking me. To see my items, please go to my store,Rana's Variety Store , Margolynn.
NOTE: If you are not interested in buying items from China, when you do a search just do-China. That will help narrow down your search. Also, many China sellers are listing the same items multiple times...taking up a LOT of space. May I suggest that you take the time to report them, to help out the community.

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