Carvin Legacy VL300 3-Channel MIDI Steve Vai Signature Tube Amplifie For Sale

Carvin Legacy VL300 3-Channel MIDI Steve Vai Signature Tube Amplifie

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Carvin Legacy VL300 3-Channel MIDI Steve Vai Signature Tube Amplifie:

Wow, I can't believe that I am selling this...this is my prized possession, but finances force me to sell it.
This a BARELY used Carvin Legacy 3 VL300 all tube guitar amplifier head that has been essentially a closet queen. I turn it on maybe once a month. Any dings are just from racking and normal transportation from moves, etc. This has not been gigged (studio only).
I will include the following EXTRA items:-Official Carvin Rackmount Ears ($50 value)-Full new set of 6L6GC tubes (matched quad, $100 value). This unit can take the original EL34 JJ tubes or these 6L6GC tubes via a bias switch on the back. I never got a chance to swap them out and give it a try.-Set of 12AX7 tubes that are huge upgrades to the existing compliment of JJ tubes ($60 value). Included are an EH, a Sovtek LPS (for the rectifier), two Shugang Silver Dragons, and a TAD for its extreme gain characteristics. I will include notes on where I found these were the best suited for sockets and positions.
All tubes will be removed and shipped separately to avoid damage.
From the website:
Avaliable in Steve's Green only. Matching the console in Steve's Harmony Hut studio.

Features & Specifications:
- All-Tube, 3 Channel 100w Amp
- Rackmountable - lightest 100w in the industry
- Master Volume
- Foot switchable boost
- Ch 1 Clean Channel
- Ch 2 Drive Channel
- Ch 3 Drive Channel with high-gain switch
- Ch assignable Reverb
- 2 Effect Loops: 1 pre master & 1 post master
- MIDI In/Thru
- Red/Amber/Green backlit LEDs color changes with channel
- Output: 100/50/15 watts
- Output Imp: 4, 8, or 16 ohms
- 12AX7 preamp tubes
- 4 matched EL34 power tubes
- Dimensions: 17" wide x 9" deep x 8.5" high
- Weight: 29 Lbs (13kgs)
- Made in USA

I will add that this is THE MOST VERSATILE amplifier on the planet! I love Steve Vai, but I really bought this amplifier as it is the most tweak-able tube head available. Real master volume placed before the power amp for amazing sound at low volume, 15/50/100 watt switchable, dual effects loops, accommodates different tubes without re-biasing, ability to to bypass preamp for just power amplifier and visa-versa, high-gain switch designed so you don't have to put a drive pedal in front of it anymore, full MIDI control, LED Lighting to indicate channel from a distance, built in reverb for all channels, Impedance for all speakers, super light (lunchbox size), and rack mountable! The only other amplifier that compares is the Mesa JPIIC and good luck getting that one for less than 2 grand even used!

If you are looking for a tube head you will never outgrow, this is it...and the reason I bought it in the first place. Carvin support is unmatched and this is 100% made in the USA.

I used to do free shipping, but I stopped doing this because people do not understand the value of good packing. Getting an item to you completely undamaged is an expensive skill that I am very good at (see my response). It may seem expensive, but I compensate for it by starting the sale pricing low. I am also aware that Carvin sells here on I will list lower than them for sure.

Cabinet and rack are not included.

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