BanjoPipe™ banjo pipe multi bowl tobacco metal brass 6 shooter mendo proto USA For Sale

BanjoPipe™ banjo pipe multi bowl tobacco metal brass 6 shooter mendo proto USA

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BanjoPipe™ banjo pipe multi bowl tobacco metal brass 6 shooter mendo proto USA:

​Introducing​ ​the next generation of the portable pipe. Little metal pipes made out​ ​of lamp parts featuring a screw on lid was the best portablesolution formany years. It had a single bowl, the fines and odorswould sometimesspill out, eventually the lid would get hard to remove (where's the darn pliers!), then lost or discarded; all thatregular cleaningand loading...The notion of a pipe with a lid that could select and store several loaded bowls without removal has long intrigue​​d me, but designing a pipe that was attractive and easy to clean with moving parts that would not gum up was tricky. I think that's why such a pipe has never been available in a traditional pipe shape. 6 shooters get gummy a​​nd you can't carry​ ​a loaded one in your pocket. Proto pipes are great, but a small Dia.​ ​stem clogs quickly, that's why they come with a poker that gets​ ​sticky, and they only have a single bowl!​​Through​ ​working out different approaches and ideas, the Banjopipe™ was born.My​ unique indexing design solves all the problems and now there​ ​is a pipe for serious smokers that truly delivers.Here​ ​is a list of features and benefits this quality pipe has to offer:​1.Each BanjoPipe™ is custom sawn, faced, milled, drilled, turned, tapped, pinned, fitted, assembled and polished by me, a journey​​man​ ​machinist with 40 years in the trade. Body is SOLID​ ​360 brass and the bottom and lid are SOLID 416 stainless steel. The 3/8" stem​ ​is Red Brass (the only brass allowed for potable water in​ ​California) which will not gall with the 360 brass threads due to the slight difference in alloys. This pipe is NOT made out of thinly plated lamp parts!This pipe will last forever (longer then you or me anyway)providing youdon't run over it in the driveway, which is not covered (!), but​ ​any defects from manufacturing are (but there won't be, becausePersonallymachine and polish every part of every single pipe).The "Banjo" head measures 1-1/2" diameter x 5/8"thick and the pipe is 4-1/2" long over all and weighs about 5 Oz. The BanjoPipe™ smokes cool because there is enough mass to absorb the heatwithout beingbulky to hold. Feels nice in your hand and is just longenough toavoid burning your eyelashes.2.No springs, balls or pins to gum up, lose, OR wear out. It'sdesigned tobe USED and made to last (unlike many things today). Thestainless steellid has a machined boss that spins inside the brass body. It's​ ​actually a bearing format used for industrial shafts. So, in a pipe​ ​lid being spun by hand, this is not going to wear out. You can even​ ​index the lid around and use it as a fidget device if you so desire!It feelsnice how it indexes around to the 5 smoking positions andone closedposition. - Just saying - don't worry. You wont wear it out!3.Cleaning is simpler than any pipe I've ever used. Of course.I designedit that way! The top and bottom are easily removedfor completeaccess. No hard to clean areas. The threaded stem istapered soit screws and unscrews easily. No need to over tighten. Theother endof the stem's diameter is turned down to seat the screensand tampthe bowl. Stem has a 5/16 I.D. so does not clog readilyand cleanseasily.With 5bowls and generous ports, it takes a LONG time to clog upwith multiplebowls to choose from. It's 5 pipes in one.It's soeasy to clean and takes so long to clog that you actuallylook forwardto it when you finally need to clean this pipe.Never havean unusable clogged pipe again.​​No finishto wear off due to it's solid alloy construction. Like agood knife, it delivers hand rubbed beauty that actually increases overtime and with use.A jewelerspolishing cloth is the easiest way to restore andmaintain it'sluster.
4.Saves product! If you are like most smokers, you appreciate afreshly loadedbowl. There are a few ways to enjoy the unique featuresthis multi-bowl pipe offers. First, of course, you can load enoughproduct inthis pipe for a whole weekend. No more loading pipes in uncompromisingsituations, dark alleys, in the wind, on the ski slope, etc.... and, since you don't have to remove the lid to load,you won'tlose the lid like all other lidded pipes that must be removed for loading.After lighting, turn the lid to the closed position to cut off the airand snuffthe cherry. l prefer to load a single pinch in each bowl and enjoy a fresh smoke each time! This method truly saves on product as you are not burning upmore thanyou are smoking, and you get a fresh tasteful smoke each time (a reallynice way to smoke, but inconvenient until now).And, If you're sharing, everyone gets a fresh smoke!Or, load different blends for the right blend at the right time.​ ​will continue to discover many positive features never available in​ ​other pipes. But mainly you will enjoy having a​ ​quality,sequencednumbered piece, made in Oregon that​ ​you'll be proud to own, and a fresh smoke that's always ready to be​ ​enjoyed.
5.Each beautiful piece is precision machined, hand polished,and designedfor beauty, function, and durability.
Comes witha black satin bag and 5 screens. Does not come with standin picture.
This uniquepipe makes a GREAT gift, and isentirely machinedright here in the USA by me.
The​ ​Banjopipe™ you will receive will be same/similar to one in photos. There may be minor "witness" marks (native surface marks) on the brass body as I start with 1.5" brass (the finish dimension) and polish it. Any brass with large dents or marks is not used. Each pipe is unique in that way, though the parts are machined to tight tolerances and are interchangeable.
All salesare final. No refunds will be issued due to the hygienicnature ofthese products. However, If there is a manufacturing defect Iwill repairor replace at no charge.​ ​
Buyer mustbe at least 21 years old.
buyer andbuyer represent they are at least 21 years of age andunderstand theirlocal laws regarding the purchase, ownership, possessionand useof this item. We are not responsible for any injury, loss orloss oflife due to the sale and use of this item. buyer and buyerassume alllegal and financial liability and indemnifies against anylegal and/or financial actions. NO SALES TO MINORS NO EXCEPTION
Actual response from BP customers-
The only pipe you'll ever need or want and the last you'll ever have to purchase, this beautifully-engineered object is worth every penny. In 35 years of smoking this is the most ingenious and convenient design I've ever encountered. Exceptional quality, materials and construction guarantee many years of use. Compact and discreet, it's perfect either to take along for stealth on-the-go smokes or to pass around with friends. Responsive Seller - Speedy Delivery - Very Highly Recommended - A+BanjoPipe™ banjo pipe multi bowl tobacco metal brass 6 shooter mendo proto USA (#163405099202)

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