Antique IMPERIAL SYMPHONION 13-3/8" RARE Metal Music Disc w Projections READ #9 For Sale

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Antique IMPERIAL SYMPHONION 13-3/8" RARE Metal Music Disc w Projections READ #9:

Very Rare Antique Imperial Symphonion 13-3/8" Diameter Metal Player Disc for Imperial Symphonion Music Box, #9 of 10 Available
  • Self-contained Metal Projections on Back of Disc - Approximately 13-3/8" Diameter
  • Possibly Dual Driven? Features both Rim and Center Drive Mechanism Spots?
  • Features the Imperial Symphonion Angel Cherubs printed directly on the top of the smooth side of the disc
  • ONE of TEN found - all listed and offered separately

Title of this selection: THE SHOP GIRL WALTZ - By P. Bucolossi. NOTE: I wasn't sure if I was reading the name right, so I searched and found a antique sheet music cover that matched well enough - included the pic of it in the photo stream for your reference only.Following is compiled bits of information I found on the net, as I am definitely not an expert in this field of collecting.Not too long ago, I purchased a box of antique 78 rpm records in very poor condition for a school art project, and a group of 10 of these metal music box discs were included along with the 78s. These are something I have never come across before. Being a fairly avid collector picker for 50 years that loves vintage and antiques, and researching the items I haven't seen before, I put them aside and recently got around to digging in on the net to see what I could find.
The player for these was a model of music box byImperial Symphonion. These music boxes, from the late 1800's, were wonderful pieces of musical history! The Imperial Symphonionmusic boxes wereproduced by the American branch of the German company Symphonion. Assorted models were offered, and they operated by using varying sizes of metal discs that allowed beautiful melodies to play. From what I found it appears these particular discs are a very rare, very particular type of music player disc.
I have listed all 10 that I have separately. Each has unique, varying degrees of condition issues, and each has a different title/artist. I felt I could not possibly provide enough photos in one listing if I were to combine them into a lot that would allow enough pictures of each disc to show their individual conditions. A couple of the titles were hard to read, or a letter illegible, so I included close-up shots of the title that may help you to recognize the name or artist whereas I did not, not being very familiar with this era of music. I do not know if any of the lot are restorable to play music again. I am offering them as-is, as-found for their unusual collectability. I am not guaranteeing that you can clean them up and play them on a player. There are slight warps as they are made of a lightweight flexible metal and not heavy enough to sit completely flat on a tabletop like a thick metal would. Other than a couple of slightly bent edges in a short bit of length on the perimeter edge of a couple of the discs, I did not find any actual "creases" or breaks in the metal. There is surface oxidation, discoloration, and surface rust, but no rust-through. Condition is very unique to each disc so you must study all photos in zoom for your best close-up look. I did take all photos in natural light without a flash, but shades of color vary depending on the distance for close-ups and light changing through the window. I may have included a copy of a particular photo and lightened it up to get a better look at an area hard to see, but if I did, I put the lighter photo right beside the original darker photo in the line-up. As far as I can tell all the little teeth projections on the backside are still fairly sharp and present. The printed cherub scene printed on the top also varies as to how intact or worn it is. I only took a soft paintbrush to brush off surface dust before photographing. I made no attempt to remove rust or scrub them in any way.....they are as I found them minus the surface dust that easily brushed off. I do believe most of the rust is removable with the right product, but that is for the buyer to decide. If not restorable to again play music, I think they would beautifully serve as wall art with the picture side oiled or sealed to enhance the design and framed for display for the music lover! Perhaps even a group of them framed or attached/welded into a large sculpture could create a fantastic focal wall art piece. They are very cool, very steampunk art worthy pieces in my opinion!
My research found that there were assorted models of Imperial Symphonion music boxes that played a variety of assorted size discs. The same neat angel cherub scene printed on these discs was noted to be printed on the inside cover of a couple of the music boxes that I saw pictures of. Of all the sizes of player discs noted in the info, this 13-3/8" diameter type by them that I have here, was noted to be the rarest and most unusual and interesting of the Imperial Symphonion discs produced. I found that the measurement could vary by perhaps 1/32" - 1/16" larger between the ten I have (fyi measurement is O.D. and I measured straight across the center of the middle hole with a wood ruler). This particular size disc was also noted to have been produced with a unique drive arrangement from the other model discs in that it includes oval shaped holes around the perimeter edge that was said suggested a universal drive, but additionally, it has a center round hole with 2 smaller nearby round holes as well as a square hole, beside it that suggests it could have been driven by a sort of center spindle drive. I could not find a photo of the player itself to share, but perhaps the thought is that perhaps it used a type of dual drive? I'm not sure of the significance. Unlike typical smooth metal discs that have holes punched in a specific arrangement that emit a note when teeth on a comb mounted on the player are triggered to emit a note when it hits a hole, this particular sizeSymphonion disc has the opposite drive arrangement in that the hole punches were designed to leave projections of metal teeth on the backside of the disc itself, which in turn were triggered by a specific style driver installed on the player.
Condition: As shown in photographs. View in zoom for your best study. Sold as-is, as-found.
Shipping: Flat rate USPS Media Mail with insurance included for purchase price, sent as a flat and labeled 'Do Not Bend' for carrier's attention. Disc weighs approximately 7.2 ounces, so after packaging it will weigh over one pound and ship at the 1-2 lb. rate. Priority Flat rate is another option.
Combined Shipping: I am happy to offer combined shipping on all items that are compatible to be shipped together. YOU MUST request a new total invoice from your cart check-out page BEFORE PAYING! Look for the 'ask total from seller' or 'request total' on your check-out. will notify me and I will weigh all items to be combined and send you a new total on one new invoice that you will pay from. I cannot 'undo' paid invoices and combine them if they are paid for separately.
Please message me if you have any questions and check my response! I am happy to help.
Thanks for Looking!

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