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35 Edison Diamond Disc Records - Assortment From Amazing Collection for Sale - Mattsmusicpage

35 Edison Diamond Disc Records - Assortment From Amazing Collection For Sale

35 Edison Diamond Disc Records - Assortment From Amazing Collection

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35 Edison Diamond Disc Records - Assortment From Amazing Collection:

This sale is for a variety of 35 different Edison Diamond Disc records that were accumulated by an Edison fanatic over a period of many years. We have over 70 crates of these records dating from 1912 when the discs were released through the 1920s and your records will be a mix of records from these crates covering a span of years. We will be giving you a good assortment of 35 records from this collection so that you can enjoy a range of these older tunes when life was simpler and more relaxed. Listening to these early records was the family entertainment 100+ years ago as this pre-dated radio, TV, computers, and cell phones. If you order more than one assortment, we guarantee that you will not have duplicates between the batches to reduce the quality of your assortment. The record batches will also be assorted between each other and each batch, whether purchased early or purchased later, will be roughly the same quality overall and offer a variety in the selections.
The records are priced to enable you to enjoy some savings if you purchase more than one batch of 35 records and this may be a great way to really expand your listening variety for your Edison Diamond Disc player. Thomas Edison released thousands of Edison records until the company ceased operations in October 1929 and these records originally sold for $1 to $2 each.Please note that these records can only be played on an Edison Diamond Disc phonograph at 80 RPM and cannot be played on a traditional needle Victrola at 78 RPM lest they not play properly, not sound as designed, and will be damaged.
So why are we selling these records in batches when other sellers are listing them one by one here on for more money? Listing them individually takes a lot of time and this time also has value to us. And while we could potentially get more money for many of the records sold by listing them individually, we also realize that it is just plain easier to offer them in batches and so the buyer will get a grab bag of musical styles and save money in the process. Many people who purchased these Diamond Disc records back in the early 1900's would acquire only one or two styles of records to match their listening preferences and this may not have been much of a selection if the batch came from one owner.
These records were acquired and accumulated from dozens of Edison phonograph owners and so with the assortment we will select for you, you will get a range of music and styles as we pull them together for packing and shipping. Some of the records you receive, you possibly may not care much to play regularly. Other records will be of higher interest to you and more than make up for the ones that you don't care for by more closely matching your personal preferences.As for condition of the records, the earlier Edison records were etched/embossed and did not have a paper label. Later Edison records had paper labels and these labels may be in great condition, in worn/torn condition, or perhaps even missing. The records themselves overall are in nice playing condition, but you may see a chip on the edge of a record here or there. We guarantee that all the records are completely playable in the track grooves and will not damage your diamond stylus during playback due to serious defects. Some of the records have no paper sleeve, others may have a non-Edison paper or plastic sleeve, and yet others may have an original Edison record sleeve.
Since we will strive to really offer a great mix of records, we cannot guarantee that you will get certain musical classifications or styles. The selection will be completely random and it is our intention to pack several boxes of records to have them ready and available for prompt shipment so we won't actually be able to view what is in each individual box prior to shipment. We ask that you please refrain from sending along an email asking for specific types of records.
So what may you potentially find in the mix of Diamond Disc records?

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  • AKA
  • al green
  • alan jackson
  • Alice Cooper
  • Alien Ant Farm
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