1956 Emenee Elvis Presely Toy Guitar For Sale

1956 Emenee Elvis Presely Toy Guitar

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1956 Emenee Elvis Presely Toy Guitar:

1956 Emenee Elvis Presely Guitar- project

This is a project that I will never get to. I purchased this because my first guitar as a child was one of these. Hard to find collectible at a low price. This guitar has a clean neck break, looks like it may have been cut off. The guitar is in good shape: decals, color, and original strap. I have not cleaned it, so it looks a little dusty.

Anyway it was improperly glued when I received it, so I read up on plastic welding and was going to repair it that way. I purchased a plastic welding kit from Harbor Freight for less than $20, but this project has become less important. You could re-glue it or plastic weld it.

Very collectible, great display piece. Approx dimensions with head reattached: L= 32”, W = 11”.

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