1946 Chicago,Illinois Rainbo Ballroom Nightclub souvenir photo-Rolling Stones For Sale

1946 Chicago,Illinois Rainbo Ballroom Nightclub souvenir photo-Rolling Stones

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1946 Chicago,Illinois Rainbo Ballroom Nightclub souvenir photo-Rolling Stones:

IMPORTANT! Please read the ENTIRE description below and scroll down to see ALL of the pictures with this listing BEFORE offerding as we DO NOT accept returns. We meticulously describe every item to avoid confusion. Ask questions BEFORE offerding. Thank you. 1946 Chicago,Illinois Rainbo Ballroom Nightclub souvenir photo-Rolling Stones! 1946 Chicago,Illinois Rainbo Ballroom Nightclub souvenir photo-Rolling Stones!

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Description Check it out...Here's a classic 8 1/2" wide by 7" tall souvenir folder containing a 5x7 sepia toned glossy real photo inside from a legendary 1946 nightclub / restaurant known as the Rainbo Gardens Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois (The Rolling Stones played there in the 1960s!)- Cover pictures the image of a couple dancing and reads: "Dance to America's top name bands at the Rainbo Ballroom. Clark and Lawrence" on the front and has the name and address of the Richards & Hassen photo studio in Chicago with info about ordering photos inset on back- The folder opens to reveal a GREAT real photo image of a group of 4 distinguished looking people (2 gals, 2 guys) seated at a table with a great interior image of the guests at a table enjoying themselves inside-Original owner has signed and dated the folder "June 27th, 1946 Joe- Millie- Burnie- Johnny" inside-What a great vintage item ready for display-

Here's some info about the nightclub from the net:

RAINBO GARDENS HISTORY-Demolished to make way for a condo slum called “Rainbo Village,” the Rainbo had been Uptown’s oldest operating entertainment venue. Last known as the Rainbo Arena, a roller-skating and concert venue, it closed to the public on Sunday, March 30, 2003. The site's entertainment history began with the opening of a roadhouse here in 1873. The name "Rainbo" comes from its day as "Mann's Rainbo Gardens,” a high-class restaurant and dance venue. Shortly after the end of World War I, Chicago restaurateurs Fred and Al Mann (father and son) took over the site, which was then called Moulin Rouge Gardens. The pair changed the name of the place to Rainbo Gardens, reportedly in memory of Al's wartime service in the 42nd "Rainbow" Division of the American Expeditionary Forces. The Rainbo was a favorite venue of Mayor William “Big Bill” Thompson, who hosted many parties and rallies there. Several building campaigns produced the multi-part building we knew as the Rainbo. Extensive stud lighting was visible in the facade's cut greystone arches while pedestals remained that once held tower-shaped lanterns in tribute to the venue's large radio broadcasting tower to the immediate north. Its original configuration – prior to the addition of the jai alai arena that was later used for skating – included a versatile proscenium stage that was designed such that it could “float” inside for the ballroom or outside into the private garden outdoors to the west. Some may recall the venue's "Electric Theatre" and "Kinetic Playground" days of the 1970s, wherein rock'n'roll bands such as the Rolling Stones and others played one of the rooms in the large, complex building. Its uses through the years included dancing, dining, Big Band, political rallies, jai alai, wrestling, boxing, ice skating, hockey, bowling, dog shows, rock concerts and roller skating. For a moment, a preservation discussion ensued before its demolition and the Black Ensemble Theatre of Chicago considered renovating it for its use. However, one of Uptown's most historic structures was knocked down and hauled away with no formal attempt by authorities to preserve it for future generations.

This is an ORIGINAL item, NOT A REPRODUCTION item! Postage information is listed at the bottom-$ 4.75 postage is required. Images sell!
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