$6 Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP A-M Flat $5 Shipping For Sale

$6 Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP A-M Flat $5 Shipping

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$6 Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP A-M Flat $5 Shipping :

I amupdating these with new inventory usually about once a week, sometimes a bitmore, never less. I have 3000 Albums to sell through these 3 listings and 250 max items per, I'll be keeping this listing actively updated. For the sake of keeping these straightforward and not to get bogged down in updating,ALL Records will be VGor Better, I tried to put the grades in the titles, but they don't like to showup well due to length sometimes!Most of them are VG+ at this time.These WILL all be good enjoyablePLAYERcopies. NoSkips, nothing too distracting, but some will have some light marks, some thatcan be felt. But again, these should be nice players, some light surfacenoise should be expected. If you are interested in an item, but want to knowthe vinyl grade prior to purchasing, PLEASE Don't hesitate to reach out, I willget back to you as soon as possible. As with any item, if it is not asdescribed, and you do experience Skips/Repeats or the surface noise overpowersthe listening experience, please let me know, and I can make it right, I wanteveryone to enjoy the music the way music should be enjoyed!


1-Use the drop down menu next toEDITION to view all of the albums available. ALL titles are the sameprice as listed in the subject, I may drop the price of some titles to less than the standard price to help clear out some inventory. Vinyl and Jacket grades in choices.No skips or nasty playback, should be all solid player copies.

2-Pick your albums and add each toyour cart and when finished just checkout.Buy more and save.

You may also add items from myother pick listings. ( doesn’t automaticallyadjust, just pay and then send me a note saying to adjust shipping and I’lltake care of it when I ship and refund you!)

You may also add items from my two other pick listingsfor Rock.

Rock+ A-G$5.99Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP A-G

Rock+ G-P$5.99Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP G-P

Rock+ P-Z$5.99Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose Rock++ LP Q-Z

Country $5.99Vinyl Records No Limit You Pick & Choose COUNTRY


I used to offer this onmy old pick listings and forgot all about doing it again. For $3per album (record) I will clean your record on my pro HPI VPI 12.5 Machine anddrop your record into a brand new inner sleeve. Use the link below andadd to cart when checking out.

VPI Link Here: class="MsoNormal" align="center" style="line-height: normal;">All of the grading is done by visual inspection. Discountsale lots are shipped with vinyl inside jackets and sleeves. Pleaseremember that your listening experience will vary tremendously if you use a topnotch player versus a budget player. Also all records should be cleanedprior to use. Some records may in need of a good bath! Some recordsmay not have inner sleeves.I want for you to be happy with yourpurchase so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me amessage BEFOREofferding/purchasing.

As I ship media mailyour purchase is not insured. I use industry standard methods toship. Should you desire insurance please upgrade to priority mail.

I am no rookie atgrading. I've graded well over 100,000 vinyl at this point and rarely getone wrong. **However if i do, contact me and I'll make thingsright. NOTHING Should skip after a good cleaning. If they do thats aproblem. Reach out!


MINT(M) ~ Never will grade here

NEAR MINT(NM) ~ Looks as if it just camefrom a store and was opened for the first time. Possibly played a few times ifever, with little evidence of play/wear. Overall in ?like new? condition. Mayhave a few small visible flaws that do not affect play.

Excellent(EX) ~ These records will show faint signs of wear such as lightscratches/blemishes/scuffs. However the marks are superficial for the most partshould not affect the quality of the sound too much. A Excellent recordwill play with little surface noise (if any) and will have a great listeningexperience. Jacket may have 2-3 of the following: light ring wear, wear on thecorners/ seams, small names, stickers, notch/ corner cuts, creases, and lightdiscoloration. Labels may have spindle marks, small writing such as initials,and small stickers.

VERY GOOD PLUS(VG+)~ Shows signs of wear, light scuffs or scratches maybe present but they should not affect playback significantly. Nothing felt byfingernail. Jacket may have a 3-4 of the following: ring wear, shelfwear, seam splits (less than 1? long), writing, creases, discoloration, names,stickers, notch/corner cuts .

VERY GOOD(VG)~ These records show more obvious signs of wear andhandling. Record has surface noise that is noticeable in some spots but perhapsis quiet and clean in other spots. Clicks and pops may be heard, especiallyduring a song?s intro/outro. Some of the scratches can be felt with afingernail. The jacket can have more pronounced ring wear, shelf wear,stickers, marks, staining, seam splits on any or all 3 sides but they are stillfairly intact, writing, cuts, and discoloration.

GOOD PLUS(G+)~ Significant and obvious wear and handling includingsurface noise throughout, audible scratches which cause clicks and pops andcrackle but no skips or repeated grooves. Jacket may have significant ringwearand/or staining, seam splits and all 3 sides, cuts/rips/tears. shelf wear,stickers, and discoloration.The jacket can have more pronounced ringwear, shelf wear, stickers, marks, staining, seam splits on all 3 sidesbut they are still fairly intact, writing, cuts, and discoloration, chunks ofjacket may be missing view pictures clostly


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