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Smashing Pumpkins tabs @ 911Tabs

Song: Christmastime

Release: A Very Special Christmas 3

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Author: 1. Elliot Marshall <>

2. Dan Bardin <>

3. Andy Hale (

Tuning: 1 & 2. standard

3. Eb




Version 1



This is my first TAB, I hope someone else can figure out the rest

of this tune in time for Christmas. It's easier to play this on

the piano (a synth with strings sounds best) but here is the

main part for the guitar.











Version 2





Well this my second tabs so if you have gripes or likes e-mail me.


the tuning is standard E A D G B E


here is the little opening/fill part


part 1: part 2:














(use part in parentheis only in intro)


part1(with add-on)

part1(with add-on)

part1(with add-on)

part1 part2


now lyrics and chords: play along with the cd to get the correct timing


C G Am

we watch the children playin'

C G Am

beside the christmas tree

G Am

presents are wrapped up

F Am

its beautiful and secretly the gifts still hide


the fun awaits


for you inside



play part1

G F part1

christmastime has come

G F part1

there'll be toys for everyone

G F part1

'cause chrisrtmastime has come for you


C Dm

i remember dreaming


wishing, hoping, praying for this day


now i sit and watch them

Am G

the little ones i love


so excited by the way





now there is a little flute solo, play this part under it:


C G Am

C G Am


C G Am

and now the word is given

C G Am

it's time to peek inside

C G Am

it's time to let the toys out


i'm so anxious for


your look of joy and delight


they've waited for


just a suprise







G F part1

christmastime has come

G F part1

there'll be toys for everyone

G F part1 G Dm Am G C

'cause christmastime has come for you.




well if liked it thanks if you didn't tell me


note to friend:

not bad, huh, jimmy do i still suck at playing:)




Version 3



Tuning - One half step down (Sounds good with guitar

tuned down half step and having a capo on the third fret.


Notes - This song uses vitually no distinguishable guitar

(piano, chimes, bass) These guitar chords take the place or

provide a good addition to the piano.


Intro -

(Fingerpick C)


C G F C G F Am G Dm G G


Verse -

(strum all chords)

C G Am C G Am C G Am F F F Am

F F G C G F C G F Am G Dm G

C Dm C Dm C Dm Am F G G


Go back to Intro but still don't fingerpick

the C's after done play verse again end on a C



Strumming Pattern(s) -


Verse C -


down, up, down, up - down, up, down

1 & 2 & (3) & 4 &


Rest of chords in verse and chords in intro except for intro C -


Down, Down, Up


Extra Notes about song -

In the verse uring the three F's should be played (As bar chords)

and held out, the change is noticable. The C's can also be finger

picked throughout the song, it is just to make everything easier

that it be strummed in the verse parts since it changes and speeds

up a lot. Play every chord as a bar chord


I hope this all makes sense, this song really can't be tabbed out

so only the chords have been provided. Please feel free to pass

this tab along, just keep my name and e-mail on it.



Return to my to my Smashing Pumpkins tabs page

The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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