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Winning Ugly

By Jagger/Richards

I wanna be on top

Forever on the up and damn the competition

I never play it fair, I never turn a hair

Just like the politicians



I wrap my conscience up

I wanna win that cup and get my money, baby

But, back in the dressing room the other side is weeping

And we're winning, winning ugly



And we're heading for the heartbreak, heading for the blues

I will not act unkind. I will not be so blind

I will not walk so proud, come down from of my cloud

How can I live my life this way?



Beauty is staring me in the face, ain't that the truth

Ain't that the truth -- hold on, c'mon girl. Look out for #1

My country right or worng, let the devil take the hindmost

I was brought up to cheat so long as the referee wasn't looking

I'm never wrong at all. I always fight the call

I don't admit it but back in the dressing room the other side is screaming

And we're winning, winning ugly...





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