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Learn To Read Piano Tab

I got the following information from this website.

It should help you understand what tabs are and how to read them.

Good luck!! To learn drum tab, click here.

To learn guitar tab, click here.


The kbtab system, by Scott Nichols,


First, we have to get some definitions: L=left R=right p=pinkie r=ring

m=middle i=index t=thumb x=any number i.e. not specific


I would set up the tab this way:




L m-------------------------------






R m-------------------------------




When making this tab, those letters aren't necessary. I just put them

there to say what all the lines mean. In some more examples, I may use

the letters because I don't want to do all 10 lines. I am not worrying

about timing because I intend for the kb tab to be used for songs that

you already have heard before and would pretty much know the timing. I

do not intend for kb tab to be thrown in front of somebody, and they

could play it perfectly for the first time. Kb tab was not meant to be

a professional standard. Some of the negative feedback might be due to

me not stating this in the first place.


Now for some examples


Let's say you want to play the chord CEG with the left hand, and do

some arpeggios with it. That would look like:



L m-Ex-Ex-----Ex-------Ex--- and so on



Now let's mess with "A-------B-CB-AG-E-----G-D-------" which Enroh



If you wanted to play it with one finger(lets use the left index finger)

it would look like:


L i--Ax--------Bx--Cx-Bx--Ax-Gx--Ex------Gx--Dx----


If you wanted to play this with more fingers(putting aside any proper

technique) it could look like:




L m-----------Cx----------------------------------





R i----------------------Gx-------------Gx--------


Like I said before, the x's indicate that I have no idea where on the

keyboard this is played. If I did, I would have supplied the correct

numbers. What the x's are representing are the octave numbers(1-7). I

guess the black keys would be represented by the sharp symbol #. I

haven't yet thought of where to place it(only 3 choices: #C5 C#5 C5#).


Another advantage of kb tab is that you don't need any special program

to write(or read) it. All that is necessary is a text editor with a

monospace font.


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