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Learn To Read Drum Tabs

I got the following information from this website.

It should help you understand how to read the drum tabs on my site. Good luck!!

HH 1111 2222 3333 4444

SD ---- 2nnn ---- 4nnn

BD 1111 nnn2 n33n ----


Reading Drum Tabs -



This is the way I figured out how to write the drum tabs
for the songs that are posted. I wrote this so that anybody
using the tabs that I have done can actually figure out what
is written. I found drum tabs on a page before and I couldn't
figure the damn things out. So I figured out a better way
(I think) to write them.


Basically there is a code or letter for each drum or cymbal or
whatever so
that you know what you are hitting (pretty smart huh).
You will see what it is on the tab itself because not every song
uses the same drums.


The tabs will be done in 16th note unless noted otherwise.
This way it is
very easy to write out the beats and stuff.


I'm going to show you an example ("Helmet in the Bush") before
I explain
what it all means so that you can look at the example
before reading what
it does.




HH 1111 2222 3333 4444

SD -----2nnn------4nnn

BD 1111 nnn2 n33n-----


HH = Hi- Hat

SD = Snare (Drum)

BD = Bass (Drum)




Okay, here's what that means. Basically each number 1, 2, 3
and 4 stand
for each beat and there are 4 16th notes in a beat.
The Hi-Hat goes 1111 2222 3333 4444.
That means straight 16th notes. The N's stand for nothing.
That means
there is nothing to be played on that part of the
beat. The snare on that
beat would be played on 2 and 4.
The extra n's are there so you don't get
confused as to
where the snare is being played. And the --'s are just so
that there aren't an excess of n's. I used to make it without
those and it
just got to confusing.


Good luck figuring out my tabs and have fun.



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