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Outkast Bio
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Big Boi

Andre 3000


With their 2003 release of 'Speakerbox/The Love Below', Outkast have stepped up their game again, proving that they are one of the biggest driving forces behind the transformation of hip-hop.

Moving away from the current trend of bling-bling and biatches, Outkast relies rather heavily on a positive mindset and well arranged songs. Their Southern roots to conjure up a mixture of sounds varying from soul to funk and even rock - to produce a sound that provides a glimpse of the true nature of hip-hop. They manage a flowing motion in their songs that captivates anyone who dares lend an ear to it, taking you back to a time where rappers where a brand of artist true to the soul of the streets, like blood running through the veins of the ghetto…

Andre Benjamin "3000" (who was simply known as Dre back then) and Antwan Patton (aka Big Boi) were school peers in Atlanta, constantly meeting in Battles where they put their skills to the test, discovering an ingrained mutual respect for one another.

After high school the duo signed to LaFace, and recorded 'Player's Ball' in 1993 - with a subsequent full album release 'Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik' in 1994 - The album went platinum, hit the top 20 and managed to secure them Best New Rap Group at the Source Awards a year later.

In '96 they returned with 'ATLiens', and proved they could successfully take on both rap and pop charts with their original brand of music.

'Aquemini' dropped in 1998 and without any major hit singles to carry it through radioland, it still managed massive critical acclaim from those in the know - despite a lawsuit brought on by civil activist Rosa Parks, for the use of her name in on of their songs.

'Stankonia' was released in 2000 and the hits just kept on coming. The lead singles off the album: 'B.O.B' and 'Ms. Jackson' ensured their debut at no.2 , and the latter took them to the top of the pop charts for the first time.

'Speakerbox/The Love Below' shot through the roof, courtesy of the initial release of 'Hey Ya', but it was more than one song that ensured the true success behind this double album.

On 'Speakerbox', Big Boi proves his prowess on the mic - hitting lyric after lyric, song after song - to ensure a few heads turning to notice a lyricist second to none.

Andre3000 meanwhile revolutionizes 'The Love Below' with a mixture of styles to create some of the best arrangements ever to be incorporated into mainstream hip-hop.

This double album is sure to further cement duo's place in the growth of modern street culture, as well as proving a few points across the board to those who believe it's all about being a gangster.


Pete Stoman

February 24, 2005



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