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No Doubt tabs @ 911Tabs

No Doubt - Sinking

Submitted By:Robert


This song is divided into only three parts. First part, verse

"no one around you for miles.....". Second part, the little guitar solo

that separates the first and the chorus. If you know the song you know what

I'm talking about. Third part the chorus. Then chorus changes right at

the end into power chords which would constitute a fourth part except the

notes are exactly the same.


part 1 verse




m (repeat)

m 3

3 3 1 2 5 2

m 3 3


part 2 the guitar lick



m 3(b)

m 4 3 (repeat)

2 2

m 2 2




part 3 the chorus

I'll give you the chords and you can just figure out the strumming pattern

it isn't too difficult.


4 1 1 3

4 1 2 4

5 2 1 3 (repeat)

m m m m

m m m m

m m m m


part 4 the chorus in power chords (it comes in when they're repeating the

chorus at the end listen for it!!!!!)


m m m m

m m m m

13 10 6 8

13 10 6 8

11 8 4 6

m m m m


I think thats it so enjoy it!!!



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