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Wicked Innocenz Bio

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This group is made up of three girls. That may drive a lot of people to

think that we can't do much of anything. Well, they are wrong. We all go to

school together. We live in a small town and there is nothing here for

people like us so we got together and decided to make some music. We play

instruments but we are looking for people who are interested in playing for

us because we want others to get involved as well. We don't list ourselves

as playing instruments because we have others joining in so far right now we

are all three vocalists but that is not all. Here is the scoop on the poeple

we have now.


I am the choreographer for the performances. I set up stuff to promote

us such as this. Plus, (of course) I am a vocalist. Let's get into some

more detail. I have to listen to the music and make dances up to them and

teach them to the others. Then i go around telling people about us and if

they want a place in our little band. We want to expand but not too much.

We just want more involvment. So that's about all I do but in the end it

pays off.


She is very hard working and I know she wants this more than anything.

She records the music and sings at the same time and she never seems to mess

up. She takes the music and makes it sound better than we actually did it.

She is perfect with music. SHe does vocals also and it is very surprising to

hear her. She hits the notes perfect and sings so good. Plus, she is a

wonderful dancer. Not to mention she has a great personality.


This is the girl who picks our songs. She picks who would be perfect for

lead on what song and she does a great job. She is not afraid of anything.

She would get up in front of anyone and sing her heart away because she knows

how good she is. Her voice is great and she is the only one who can hit the

high pitches but she never even trys because she doubts herself. She is an

awesome person.

As for the songwriter that would be all of us. We all write songs and

look over them together. The fun thing is we are three girls from different

worlds and that makes our music so unique!

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