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Relese Bio

Relese was born in the fall of 1999, when drummer Todd Smith, bassist

Kevin Clark, singer and guitar player Jeff Pruwitt, and Guitar player

Josh Jones all converged in Jeff's basement for the first time. They

went under the name of 'Dypress', and we're jamming Metallica covers

and songs from Jeff and Kevin's previous band, Broken. While jamming

one day, Jeff put down the guitar and decided to try a new vocal

idea. Tears Of Hate was born. But it was evident that Josh would have

to go.

After the dismissal of Josh Jones, the band found another

guitar, Josh Doleman. But like Josh Jones, Josh Doleman didn't have what the

3 were looking for. Distraught and without a guitar player, there was

one option they hadn't explored: Jeff's friend and former guitar player

of their band broken - Shawn Younglove. The first time they jammed, it

all clicked. They had decided right then and there that they had found

the person they were looking for.

And Relese was officially born

Click here to return to my Relese page or here for my local bands page.

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