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The Hank Benz song


By: Jimmy's Lover

Written by: Nicole and Shelly


I wish I went to preschool with Hank Benz

This way we could be more than just friends

Why do all my friends think my Uncle Tommy is hot?

Why can't guys look at me, turn, drool, and stop?



Jimmy! I wish I was your lover!

Jimmy! Your lover and no other!

When your doped up on Nyquil everything's funny...Jimmy!


Now he's the most popular guy at school

When he walks by all the girls drool

But he'll never know cause he's so humble




Hey Hank you amazingly great

Such a sincere guy, impossible to hate

I'd give you my play dough and my finger paint


Scream when you see them walking down the street

Woo woo foxy

Woo woo foxy

Woo woo foxy


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The lyrics are Copyright their respective owners.

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