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You can't Break Me



Go ahead,

Call me a 25 cent lover.

Go ahead,

Call me whatever is your pleassure.



Because I'm through

With you.

I've had enough

Of your so called "Love"

I'm through

with you.

And your love and affection

only you can freely see...


Go ahead,

Take all of my belongings,

Just so you know-

You cannot take my pride.

Go ahead,

Do what you love to do.

Take my heart

And just break it-smash it-takeit.

Oh, Go ahead,

Do it to me again.


Chorus (repeat)


Bridge: Cause every time

I take you back

You take advantage of me.

Cause every time

I take you back,

You smash it into pieces

all over again.


Go ahead,

Slap the scarlet letter on my forehead.

Go ahead,

Take all of my possessions

Just don't take my pride.

Oh, Go ahead,

Take my heart again-

Break it-smash it-take it.

Break it again.


Chorus (repeat)


Break my heart again...


Chorus (repeat)


(Wait until music fades, than say)

You can break my heart,

But you can't break me.


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